sometimes i forget to take care.
365/52 week 20

365/52 week 19

just a quickie tonight ... i'm beat. we went to see the twins play in the new stadium today - awesome (i'll share pix soon), but also 90 degrees. i'm w.i.p.e.d. out.


day five of daddy being gone. i gave up on both cooking and caring about just what the heck my kids are doing.


i spent last saturday antiquing with my friend, sue, and finding some amazing new goodies for the house (i'll tell you more about them later, including the $20 chandelier for the new mudroom. remember the mudroom?). this building did not come home with me, but it was sure pretty.


sunday morning ... and my heart melted just a little.



(then harper gave me the stink-eye, so i took that as my cue to get lost so they could finish reading about ariel and her beautiful pony.)


ahh ... monday.


took pix of some beautiful kiddos who are getting ready to say goodbye to their daddy, who is heading to iraq soon. we'll miss you, jay!


on an errand to macy's, harper caught sight of this bed, gave a little gasp, and ran full-steam toward it and, wrapping her arms around it's atrocious brightness, delared, "mommy!! can i please please have this hawaii bed for my new room??" picked out a new bedspread for her room in the new house. (have i mentioned her new life-plan? to move to hawaii and be a fisherman by day, beader/dress maker by night?)


mchotness came home.



and that, my friends, was week 19.



haha! That stink eye is AWESOME! Looks like she's been practicing that one a lot. :)

Anna Sigga

LOL - that stink eye is hilarious!

Courtney Walsh

Bedding. love. very cute. and the life in hawaii sounds like a plan! Girl knows what she's doing! :)

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