365/52 week 13
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gears, that is.

there has been so much stress and uncertainty and murphy's stupid laws happening here and there since before the holidays, but now ... now i feel it changing. the leaves are starting to come, the weather is starting to warm, the moods are starting to lighten, and instead of problem after problem facing us, now we actually have things to look forward to.

the winds are changing.

my parents were here for easter, and we had a great time.

on saturday we went out to our lot to check it out, walk to the lake, see the neighborhood, etc. the weather was gray and really windy, but we had fun on our walk, and the kids had a great time checking out the lake and the little pond next to it, and harper begged grandpa to please pick her a cattail.

he did.

(see that gray roof at the top center-right of the pic? that's our former/future neighbor's roof. ours will be 300ish' to the right.)

my mom thought it would be fun to go through the $1.4 million model home across the street from our lot (trust me, our house won't be anything NEAR that price. we'll just let the model pull up the value of our house. ha ha.) we went through and laughed at all the insane, over-the-top features, then saw rain on the windows and decided it was time to go home.

saturday, mom and i did some shopping in the morning, and in the afternoon it was time to color easter eggs.

then marc and i left the kids and parents so we could have a real date. just the two of us. alone. bliss.

easter morning, harper woke up bright and early and went to check out her easter basket, then woke the rest of us up. her enthusiasm was so sweet.

IMG_4264 IMG_4272

then we cleaned up real nice and headed to church.

in the afternoon, mom and i left marc playing "call of duty" (shocker) and dad napping (again, shocker) and took the kids down to the park. they played for hours in the beautiful sunshine.


and now i look forward to marc's mom and sister and our niece coming up THIS weekend ... they are staying next week so marc and i can ... well ... i'll tell you more later. but here's a hint:




Courtney Walsh

oooh, your teaser picture looks wonderful!! Sounds like it was a good easter! :) And the lot looks amazing!! FUN! Can't wait to hear more about that!!

Ann Marie

Yesterday was a primo picture taking day..weather, events, family! :)Do you want to borrow any swimsuit wraps? ;)

Sue Thomas

Looks like you had a fabulous Easter and how fun to have a trip to look forward to!!

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