time has run away from me ...

365/52 week 14

and this is all i have for you this week. the past six days have left me fried. so, you get pix and that's it. and worse than that, the last three days of the week were all technically taken yesterday ... the camera didn't come out on tuesday or wednesday.

whatever. i can't worry about that now.

enjoy, and enjoy your weekend! i know we will ... we'll actually see marc for most of it. that's HUGE.



harper's easter craft from preschool. i thought it was pretty genius ... especially the little flowers.



green fingers, a rainbow of eggs.



i think i already posted this one, but tough. i like it.


these pretty little flowers showed up in my yard last week. i should know what they are ... i planted them ...  but i don't. i do like them, though, and wish i had them all across the front bed.



a bird in hand is worth a sweet little photo op.



cool sculpture at the macy's/bachman's spring garden show downtown.


per tradition, we went with our friends, heather and kate (and baby evie). kate and harp even played nice for a sec, which was misleadingly sweet.


okay then. friday is half over, we may see marc by dinnertime, and then we can just chill for a day and a half. then, more company. then, three more days of crazy. then ... i'll tell you monday. it needs its own post.



lovely pics. i just viewed one of your older blog posts. your house looks alot like my grandparents old house in maplewood, mn. hehe


you are such a tease about monday ;) don't apologize for an only pics post. i love your pictures!

and a question--is the horizontal popsicle stick on the cross a smaller size stick? i LOVE that crafty idea. going to use it for next year!

Account Deleted

these are absolutely beautiful, michele! thanks for sharing!!! :)

Anna Sigga

Fantastic pics - love the one of your girl with the bird in her hand!


Loooove these photos (and the new banner too btw)! I need to learn how to do the rounded corners... I love that look!

Melonie Madison

Fantastic pics. Hope next week is better for you:) I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your daughters skirt? Thanks so much.


hi melonie ...

her skirt and the white top are from gymboree ... i believe the line is
actually on sale right now!

thanks so much for the comment,


i have an action for rounded corners that i use now ... it came in a
not-cheap set of workflow stuff. but before that i used this tutorial,
and it worked like a charm!

hope youre having a great weekend so far! i woke up with no voice, and
were out of bourbon. im debating a hot toddy made with either cognac
or brandy ... ;o)

i havent done the blog rounds in a couple of days - whats up with
your job? have you made a decision yet?

later, gator ...


hmmm ... good question ... let me go measure ...

okay ... it IS smaller, by about 1.5. if youd like, i can try to
remember to ask harpers teacher where she got the sticks and let you
know. chances are, they come in bulk. you could do the same thing with
regular sticks and just cut the ends off, id imagine. the cross is
stuck into regular homemade playdoh (the flour/salt kind) and silk
flowers were stuck into it as well, then they let it dry. pretty easy,
but so cute!



maplewood, eh? that isnt too far ... ;o) the pic of our first house -
little blue bungalow, or the current boring ranch? the bungalow is
definitely a prevalent style in the older neighborhoods around here ...
i love that. south minneapolis has some amazing old architecture; i
love just wandering around and looking at the styles changing from one
house to the next, and wondering what it was like to build back then.
one family puts up a little craftsman, then right next door there is a
four-square, then next door to that is a mediterranean style with a
clay tile roof. its random, but lovely!


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