365/52 week 12, and my house stinks.

365/52 week 13

i'm avoiding vacuuming the basement and cleaning the upstairs bathroom in order to bring you this week's photos of the day.

you can thank me later.


it's sidewalk chalk season.



did a little future-master-bath-hardware daydreaming.


my new favorite piece of art, from local artist/illustrator katie daisy.



we blew lots and lots of bubbles.


mommy's helper.



yesterday was so gorgeous that the play date turned into a few hours at the beach park. heavenly! (yes, buck hill's snow is still melting. give us time ... it JUST became spring around here.)


how my little helper helped this morning. yes, that's cat food. a whole bucket of it. yes, that's clean laundry at the bottom of the steps. five loads of it. i told harper it was okay if she wanted to stop helping now.


the plumber came and went this morning. he also said the smell was probably just a leak in the joint, and $200 later we have new pipes leading from the laundry tub. fingers crossed that there will be no more pain involved.

my parents will be here around dinnertime, enchiladas are in the crock pot, marc should be home mid-afternoon, and the sun is shining. things are looking waaayyy up from where they were at 9 a.m.

happy april fool's day! i always forget to pull one over on the kids ... maybe next year. any suggestions?


carol in seattle :)

I'm not normally one for April Fool pranks, but last night before bed I switched the bags of cereal into the wrong boxes. It helps that we have about 10 boxes open at any one time and with four kids that generally want two different kinds mixed together in their bowl (EW!), it was a pretty painless trick. Glad your day got better!

Anna Sigga

Fun pics.


Mmm . . . enchiladas in the crock pot - you should post the recipe.

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