365/52 week 8
clearing my head and my blog to do list

coming up from baby-scented goodness

coming up from baby-scented goodnessit's been three days of happy, snuggly, squishy wyattfest ... whee!!

for those of you who have been following wyatt's story, here's an update:

at his doctor's appointment yesterday, he weighed 9 lbs 10 oz, and he's grown nearly 2"! what a champ!!

i have another two days to soak him in, then it's off to wisconsin to scrap with some girlfriends before heading home on sunday. i miss my kiddos and mchotness, though it's so nice to be the one away for a change. ;o)

more later ...


Diana Albright

yum! is that baby wyatt? he looks so sweet and wonderful!!

Christa P.

How unbelievably cute!

Courtney Walsh

adorable!! I love it! :)


ohhhhh soooooo sweet. what an adorable photo. very very special...

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