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365/52 week 6

(at some point i'm going to lose count and really blow this 365 thing ...)

so, hi.

why do i keep thinking it's friday? every time i do, then remember it's only thursday, i get a little grumpy.

up the pix go, then i'm off with my favorite girl to return some jeans i bought for harper that didn't fit and grab some lunch. and perhaps, heaven help me, run to gymboree to blow the $5 reward they so nicely emailed me the other day, along with the info that hey! our new spring line is in!

how can i say no to this?:

especially when the first thing i ever bought for harper, before she was even born, was this little outfit at gymboree:

it's kismet. and also, look at my little hipster, perfecting that annoying little pucker face that all the "trendy" people do in photos now. seriously. i hate that pucker face. it was cute five years ago on a one-month-old, but on a 20-something who's too full of him/herself? ugh. no.

anyway, i promised a pix update:

our little tycoon. he swept the floor with us during star wars monopoly. see all those red space ports? his. stinker. (though, that all happened after he won a major free parking. before that, his turns were numbered.)

icicles at night.

hippity hop. a bunny trail.

see that icicle in the middle? it goes all. the. way. down.

kitty loves the sunshine.

this winter is challenging the postal service's assertion that they will deliver no matter what.


hanging out before the school day starts.

alrighty. lunch.

later, gators.



Great photos! Love that yellow sweater!!


that outfit is adorable.

and i love all your pics. especially the icicle ones because they remind me of how i love the sound of icicles crashing :)


That is a cute outfit!!Love the photos they all are great!!


Beautiful photos and an adorable outfit..I love yellow with jeans! Have a great day!

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