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the day he took to the slopes

10 years + 365 week 7

the most important thing about today, february 18, 2010, is that my eldest, my boy, my geeky little bugger, turns 10.



i have to repeat it to myself because, i mean, 10. that seems so ... old.

10 years ago we'd survived the anticlimactic event that wasn't, y2k. we got through a cold, snowy january. i was so, so pregnant and uncomfortable, and fighting snow and ice and bed rest and public transportation.

and then one night in the middle of february, i was watching ER and bam ... my water broke. i thought i had nearly two weeks ... baby skinner wasn't due until leap day (how cool would THAT have been?!). but nope. 21 hours later, this 9 lb person came kicking and screaming into the world.

and he's been a joy and a challenge and a huge source of pride and love and humor and sweetness ever since.

to celebrate him, i made his favorite breakfast - blueberry pancakes and sausage - before school. then we told him that if he got completely ready to go and had time to spare, he could open the cards and gifts that had arrived for him so far.

i never saw a kid brush his teeth and pack his backpack so quickly.

we had him open the present from his sister first ...


guinness world records for gaming. perfect. two of his favorite things.



as is his sister. he loves the heck outta her.

then he opened his gifts from grandma and grandpa roush ...


cool. the cool factor even outweighed the "clothes"  factor.



even cooler ... super mario chess set. love.

then it was time for the gift from mom and dad.


a magazine of snowboarding photography? um ... okay ...



wait ... what's this? a brochure?



buck hill? cool! i've been asking to try snowboarding for two years!



wait ... lessons?? suh-weeeett!!



and with that, he trotted off to school. bearing fritos to pass out for snacks.


love this kid. he's all HIM, all the time.

happy birthday, pork chop.

other goings on today ... the past seven days of photo-a-day:


crafty valentine project during the preschool party.



kitty in a reusable shopping bag. he's so green.



happy valentine's day.



presidents' day play dates, complete with stackerz stickerz on the nosez.



ever see fog freeze to trees? it's an amazing thing.



those wrinkles are still there. thanks, olay.



and, this.




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