365/52 week 2
365/52 week 3

redirecting my energies ...

first, and certainly foremost:

matt. becca. wyatt. in their kitchen. THEIR KITCHEN!! ie little man is HOME!!!

one day shy of the three-week mark. what a blessing and miracle. he's a strong little guy, and i can't wait to hold him!!!


secondly ... my day.

remember the issues we had with our bathroom remodel? namely, this, this, and this? well, last week i noticed some leaking around the seal of the toilet. not a lot, but more that there should have been. by saturday, it had seeped out a good six inches from the seal. saturday, we called the Contractor From Hell to see if he would come fix it for free, since it was his issue. well, he wasn't home. monday, i called our favorite handywoman, celest (seriously ... if you live in the twin cities: call her!! she's the best!). she said yup and arrived today at 10:30 on. the. dot.

after first expressing her confusion as to why the toilet was sealed with PUTTY (not sealed to the floor, as is code), she then took the toilet off the bolts to discover that it has never actually rested on the wax ring in the past, oh, year. so that brought up some warning flags to her. in checking further, she discovered that one entire bolt - the thing that anchors a toilet to the pipe and thus the floor - was NOT CONNECTED. TO ANYTHING. it had rotted away years ago (no fault of CFH, she pointed out), but CFH actually was aware of the problem enough to, drum roll, putty the thing in place and walk away.


so half of our toilet was just sorta resting on the assumption that bolt #2 would do the job for them both.

bigger annoyance? not something she's qualified to fix, as in, it's gonna need the big plumbing guns.

good grief.

first, the cat. then, my car. now, plumbing.

don't you hate it when you try to do everything right, save up that magical 20% for a down payment, then everything the universe can surprise you with pops up and makes you think you'll never, ever move and will be doomed to spend 160 minutes a day - bare minimum - in a car, schlepping kids, and never ever get a life of your own again?

hate it. i'm so mad right now. just when everything seemed to be going RIGHT with the move/build idea ... this. savings = even farther away.

so, to whip myself even more with this wet noodle of despair, i started flipping through my online folder of kitchen inspiration photos. i can't remember where they all came from so i can't give credit, but as i looked - and as you will soon see - i have a definite "style." no mystery what my future plans for a mythical kitchen will be, eh?

enjoy the eye candy.







Architectural Digest 2

Farm kitchen 1

... all on a smaller scale, and with stainless counter tops, not marble. warm balanced with cool. farmhouse balanced with industrial. clean balanced with splashes of color. what fun that would be.

a girl can dream, i guess. then, wait for the plumber.



Oh, wow, serious kitchen porn there! Glad that baby wyatt is home at last!


Now I'm dreamin too!

lisa truesdell

ohmyheck. i cannot believe that bathroom contractor. well, i can. which is why i'm gunshy about taking on ANY improvement projects. =P

YAY that wyatt is home.

and i would move into any of those kitchens, in a heartbeat.

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