almost a no-go, but not all the way.

happy christmas, happy birthday, happy new year.

we never would have guessed that we would have all three while in indiana.

there is a much longer story than i'm going to go into here, but there's a cliff's notes version with all the photos in the holiday album. the most important part of the story, though, is this:

we went to indiana for christmas. we started with my family. we had a lovely holiday.


the day after christmas, i went to my sister becca's house to take some belly pix. because she was 33 weeks pregnant and oh so cute and round. i knew i'd see her again at the end of january, but it would be too quick of a visit - just long enough to give her a shower - and pix might not happen. so we took them on december 26th.


then we left for marc's family's home in indianapolis for christmas with them. we had a lovely holiday.


then, on december 29th, becca's father-in-law passed away.

on december 30th, becca was in the hospital with contractions and cramping.

on december 31st, becca underwent an emergency c-section.

and on new year's eve, little wyatt j. became the last baby born at that hospital in 2009. seven weeks early. 5 lbs 8.2 oz. perfect, but early.


on new year's day, at 12:00 on the nose, we got distressing news about wyatt's lungs.


later that day, we got better news.


the next day, more bad news.

later that day, better news.


(photo from matt's iphone)


as of now, he's doing better. getting stronger and healing. becca's home and healing. matt's healing. all of our emotions are healing. the little guy came earlier than anticipated, but as long as he grows and gets to go home soon, earlier is okay.

it wasn't the holiday any of us planned, though most of it was quite nice and peaceful, but we were truly reminded that it isn't gifts or trees or traditions that make the holiday special. it's family. and blessings. and for that, it was a wonderful holiday.


Stephanie Baxter

Oh bless him...what a sweetheart. Hope he continues to get stronger and stronger every day.


I read this on the message boards at SIS, I saw you again posting at Studio Calico - and this time I went straight to your blog to see how little Wyatt is doing... I was a bit affraid of that 'cause when my son was born, he had problems too (other ones... but still) Anyway, I'm glad everything is going better and - to comfort you and your family - my sweet little baby is a healthy, strong and fine young man (17 years old!) now!!! Happy new year!

lisa truesdell

omgoodness, those shots of your sis are just too perfect. i'm glad you were able to get them before sweet little wyatt decided to crash the party a bit early!! i'm keeping them all in my thoughts - may he grow stronger each day.

Sue Thomas

What a whirlwind of emotions!! I'm so glad he's doing better and hope they are all home together very, very soon!


whew. what a whirlwind for all of you. glad that wyatt is doing better. i will look forward to hearing that he is home!

Diana Albright

what a roller-coaster of a holiday!
Wyatt is precious! Hope he is healthy and home soon. The little guy is in my thoughts, as are you.

Mary Jo

I'm so glad he's doing better! Hopefully he will keep getting stronger!
Definitely a busy holiday!!

Tonya Dirk

Glad all are on the mend, both emotionally and physically. What a sweet little cherub. Hope he gets to come home soon. Love that wacky family pic....grandma being the only serious one! lol!

Allison Smiley

Love the family pic!! It is so you guys!

susan weinroth

oh thank you for the update Michele! have been thinking of you. he is GORGEOUS. and those belly pics... AWESOME!!!! :)

Sasha "sweet thang" Holloway

WOW what a cycle of events that went on .. prayers for strength all around ..

beautiful pics


Awesome photos! I'm so glad to hear he's doing better. I'll keep him in my prayers. :-)


Your photo's are so so beautiful :)

Michelle W.

Love your photos! Sending best wishes and prayers for Wyatt - what a sweet baby.

kelly noel

what an emotional holiday it must have been for you all. thinking of you all and praying for baby wyatt!

Jill Sprott

These photos are precious. Sending happy thoughts and prayers Wyatt's way. BTW, your blog header is freaking funky cool.


Just wanted to stop by and say that I've been thinkin about your family and little Wyatt! Hopin they get to hold him real soon!

Kelly R

Gorgeous pics. Sending my love to little Wyatt xxx

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