time for common sense to rule the senate.
in case you were wondering ...

365/52 week 4

pix of the week so soon? well, yeah. since i was late last week, they're sort of running into each other this week. whoops.

it's freaking cold here today, but the sun is shining and the sky is blue. it's lovely, but deceivingly so. harper is painting, i'm heading to the showers, then there's an ikea errand to be run. marc's in a plane to california and warmer weather, and i have a feeling henry will be whining about having to play catch-up on some homework tonight because he's slacked on his reading log this week.

just another normal thursday.

which means, also, time for pix:



the morning joe.



the boy and his chores.




we got some good numbers this week. now we just need to visit the bank and see what *they* think. and then i need to get over my crisis on conscience. maybe i'll post my neurotic pro/con list and you can hold my hand as i work through it.


why does he always look like we're in HIS space?


we left a bottled water in the car the other day, and the next morning found this amazing crystallized center. we were fascinated by it.


henry and his buddy, drawing comic books. they've gone entrepreneurial on us, and are going to start selling their books at recess for $.50 a pop. more power to them.




Great photos Michele!!!

kelly noel

such fabulous photos!!!


I love your photos! Awesome! I love the little one in the bathtub... looks very serene. :)

Lisa DIckinson

just wonderful photos! loving them all! :)

lisa truesdell

that water crystal? too cool. love the comic book dudes. and good luck on the house #s. =)

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