redirecting my energies ...
time for common sense to rule the senate.

365/52 week 3

i'm only four days late with this, but even so i have a good excuse:

my geek took apart our file server, then it wouldn't come back up. so he had to find the bug and kill it. but he got sidetracked by "call of duty" on xbox live. several times. so i'm just now able to access my photos again.

have i mentioned i'm not thrilled with the xbox live thing? i haven't? hmm.

so, here's last week:


i should really take down xmas stuff.


such a pretty, pretty girl. love her.



remember miss evie? look how big she is now! and yet she still has the hair!!


in minnesota, we shovel our roofs. suckers.



my brilliant artist girl drew a still life of Cat on Window Seat With Kalanchoe. Including Window and View of Neighboring Trees. brilliant.


self-explanatory. just pretend it's the glowy shot i lost of henry in bed, reading a 700 page book.



finally hauled the tree to the curb, before february comes and the trash men stop picking up trees.



and that's that.

we had an insanely busy weekend, the vikings lost after a good game, and it's back to normal: snow, ice, marc's gone, plumber came and went, and i've had my coffee.

more later.




I have a Geek too!!!! Actually, I was SO tired of having him "do" stuff to the computer, that last year? I demanded my own! And he can't TOUCH it! He's not allowed! LOL. He's pretty good with that. :D

Love these photos! That shot of Christmas decorations... how lovely! You're really good at staging decor! I'm SO not good at that! I need some lessons... :)

lisa truesdell

love that pic of harper. so gorgeous!

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