redirecting my energies ...

365/52 week 2

oh, how we've had the sickies here this week! harper was vomitous all day monday, after marc had been ill most of last week. then henry got it on tuesday, just in time for marc to skip town. knocking on wood, it hasn't hit me. yet.

here's week two of the photo-a-day thing:


i bought new glasses at target. thank you, target ... they're just what i wanted!!


mario hangs out in the bathroom cupboard. whatever.


me and my girl on the day i officially stop being honest about my age.


mom buys barbie ornaments for me and becca every year for xmas. it's a long story. this year, however, we got two: one from this year, and one from ... no, that isn't a typo on the box ... 1995. '95, people. i was still in college. becca was 11. holy cow is mom a good present hider.


i used to lament the fact that no one sends real holiday cards anymore. then i realized how much i love to see faces i adore up on my wall. it actually feels *more* personal than just some card.


i made fake muffins for breakfast. oh, and the turquoise bowl? yet another "thank you, target" purchase.


mario, chillin' on harper's halloween wig. harper, chillin' with mario.


and while i'm at it, who needs a wyatt update??

Shapeimage_2 little man is doing great! there are still some ups and downs with him keeping his oxygen saturation levels steady, but he's off the oxygen, out of the special bed, no longer hooked up to a million things, becca and matt can pick him up and hold him and dress him and bathe him, and the latest milestone is that he's taking a bottle! the doc says as soon as wyatt goes 36 hours feeding solely from bottles, he can go home!! HUGE news!! becca and matt are hoping and praying that this weekend will be the time they can finally all be home and start life as a new family. we'll all keep our fingers crossed for them! becca's photo updates and blog updates are linked here.


Christa P.

That is awesome he is going home-what a relief!

And I giggled at the picture of the cat sitting in with all the bath items!!

lisa truesdell

oh, that sweet boy - i'm so glad he's doing so well!

and the target kitchen items.. they got me, too. i came home w/ a cookie jar and a bread box and may NEED the yellow polka dot glasses.


hi michelle. what a sweet photo of wyatt. bless his heart...glad he's home, as i see on sc. love all your daily photos!!!!!


Beautiful photos and a totally adorable photo of baby Wyatt!

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