i never should have looked.
almost a no-go, but not all the way.

i'm not going to whine.

or cry. or bitch. or throw a sarcastic little fit.

i've done enough of that already.

suffice it to say, all the trouble with the cat and then the car ... ? well. cat decided friday to just eat and be fine. $300 down the drain, maybe? car = $3000. can't drive it safely until next week sometime. marc = out of town three days this week, four if he gets trapped in wisconsin's snow storm, and two days next week, leaving me with two kids, a snow storm on the way, no groceries, and a car that is sort of jerry-rigged together until a part comes in next week. today = big steaming pile of crap with a cherry on top. travel plans for xmas? amended to delete four days with family due to external complications, including canceling something of the shower persuasion for my little sister.


why is it every year i look forward to the holiday season, for the spirit and the charity and the family and the quiet ... and every year that christmas spirit gets dragged behind the schoolhouse and has the crap beaten out of it?

i'm letting it go. i'm not going into details. it'll all just make me cry again. but seriously, enough is enough. bring on january and let's just be done with it.

in trying to be a good sport, though, i'll continue with the december daily. it just might be the most ranty, depressing december daily in the history of december dailies.




I won't start with the "my holiday season is crappier than yours" routine but i decided to commit to a gratitude journal combined with a december daily...It will take a miracle to get me out of my depression but it is a start. Good luck to you and if you run out of grey goose..i have some in my freezer as well. We do live in the same town :)


Just look at day 6..that says it all..LOVE..they LOVE you and you them. Hug them HARD today and know it can only get better right? I can be over with a pizza and Oatmeal cream pies stat!

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