so much for that.
i'm not going to whine.

i never should have looked.

one of my biggest flaws is that i just can't wait. i can't sit still until the time is right. i just have to think about what's coming next and what the possibilities are, and then my brain goes, "hey ... let's just check it out NOW to pretend what you might do THEN."

that's sometimes a very, very bad thing.

case in point? today i decided to poke around on a realty web site to see what is on the market in henry's school district, and came across what would be a seriously perfect place for us. and now my brain and marc's gears are spinning, dreaming of the potential in this property.

why why why do i do this??? we've just started getting comfortable with the idea of building on the lot we like, and i've completely restructured a floor plan to be perfect for us. and now? now i'm daydreaming about a property that's almost as old as we are, needs lots and lots and lots of renovating on the inside, and would probably be a bear to keep up with. initially.

but those brains and gears of ours? they are looking 10 years down the road, when everything is done. and it would be heaven.

here's the ugly house:

image from

it isn't pretty. not even a little. but look at that property!! 20 acres! and it includes a pole barn and a horse barn. 10 acres are wooded, but 10 are not. we can't stand it; it's so, so close to our powerball dream: we win lots of money (obviously, we're missing this step), build our perfect house in the country, build our office/studio space away from the house so we can walk to work every day, have space for family to stay when they visit so they aren't sleeping on the couch.

well, hello, walk to work ...

image from

would this not make a wonderful office/server room for marc? and potentially be a great shared space with my studio?

then again, i think i'd rather make THIS my studio ...

image from

and finish off the loft space as a guest apartment of sorts.

and behind that pole barn? we can put those wind power turbines we've always wanted, and marc can have whatever ham radio antennae his little heart desires. and when we rip apart the inside of the house? geothermal all the way. we could be off the grid; our dream!

the kids could run in the woods. they could build a tree house. we could get a dog. we could put in a lap pool. marc could go shoot at trees.

oh, the possibilities are endless.

of course, we'd have things like this to address, and that wouldn't come cheap or quickly:

image from

but i love the challenge of a raw space. love it. though i'd want to tear down the whole structure and build something like this in its place:

image from


the hardest part would be holding my horses and taking it one project, one budget at a time. that would kill me. because like i said, i just can't wait.

(and, seriously, i just emailed the realtor for more information. we must be nuts.)


Sara Ward

I'm glad someone thinks like me! I'm always looking at homes and recently found a home we'd love. Only problem: it needs practically everything done to it. It's an old home that's been a little neglected. We think it's doubtful that we'll get it, but are still looking into it. You know. Just in case.


I totally play this game, too.
(and you MUST invite me over to scrap in your barn/studio!)

Ann Marie

I just hope either option works out and you are happy! Wouldnt shooting on that property be divine?

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