we're back!
pretend it's last weekend.

harper learned something funny today.


we were talking at lunch today, and i asked her what she learned in preschool.

she said, "we got to be leopards today!"

"oh," i replied, "so you pretended to be purple frogs?"

"no!" she laughed, "leopards! we had spots all over our skin. but i didn't like that we had to hold our breath and puff our cheeks out like this."

(she demonstrated monkey face.)

why did leopards have to puff out their cheeks, i wondered.

"i don't know," she said dismissively, returning to her pancakes.

so tonight after dinner, marc was talking to harper and asked her the same question, and again she replied that they got to be leopards at school. and he asked her how they were leopards.

"we had spots all over our face and arms. then our arms started falling off, then our cheeks. and noah was god and he walked around and we were all better!"

"you were lepers?" marc asked, the lightbulb now coming on for both of us.

"yeah, leopards!"

proof that sometimes the concepts taught at a christian preschool and the realm of understanding in a child's life sometimes overlap like a really nutty venn diagram.



lol!!! too cute. That's way better than your kid coming home from bible camp and talking about "the book of Genitals".


hahaha ..


Oh, lordy, that's hilarious! And that photo of her winking is too priceless!!

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