i still get scrappy. occasionally. sometimes.
so, october 10th: what's new with you?

autumn moodiness. delicious.

i love autumn. love. lovelovelove. it's perfection.

the best part of it? one day is sunny, warm, still hanging onto summer. then next, the winds blow in, the temps drop 20 degrees, the moody clouds roll in, and suddenly it's fall.


that's just what happened this weekend. saturday, it was sunny and warm. we got some projects done around the house, the kids played. even sunday morning was still nice, but then clouds rolled in ... then some sprinkles ... then the wind.

oh, the wind! we lost branches. our neighbor lost half of a decorative tree, the curtains were flying, the leaves were swirling. it was breezy.

around 4 p.m. we decided to drive about a half and hour west to see another parade home and then grab dinner at a little place on a lake, lola's lakehouse, about which we'd heard good things.



it was really windy while going through the parade home (which we didn't love), but it was still mostly sunny and clear. we got to the restaurant, which truly was charming ... the front had what looked like a small lighthouse with a cute little sign, and i made note of wanting to get a picture of it after dinner.

well ...

let's just say the weather changed during dinner.

as we sat at the table, we watched the swells and white caps on the water, and the sailboats were bobbing like crazy. when we finished, the kids wanted to go out on the deck to see the boats. the second we opened the door, a gust of wind about pushed harper over. they were troopers and wandered around, looking at the water and giggling, but harper was freezing and soon went back in with daddy.




marc paid the bill, and henry and i wandered down to the dock to get a closer look. however, when we looked west, we saw this:



and before we got even halfway down the dock, the rain was driving at us ... horizontally. so, we aborted that plan and ran back to the car, where daddy and harper were warm and dry. but henry and i were laughing, so who was smarter?

today is still gray and windy and wonderful. hooray, fall!

speaking of hooray, have you seen this? it's simply amazing that these kids did this in ONE take! it's also just a happy, happy song.




The weather has been pretty amazing, hasn't it? On Saturday I was hanging out in Lakeville at an alpaca farm. Beautiful weather. Sunday was perfect for making cookies. The clouds reminded me of snow clouds, so I am happy that hasn't happened...yet. Enjoy the fall. I cannot wait for the leaves to turn colors.

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