and now it's henry's turn:
sept/oct memory makers. a/k/a the last one. ever.

why yes, i carry canvas bags to the farmers market.

only, saturday i carried a camera instead.

my friend sue and i decided the weather was way too perfect saturday to not do a walkabout with cameras at the st paul farmers market. luckily, we were both half an hour late to our meeting spot, breakfast at golden's deli across the street from the market. we giggled about that, giggled some more over our yummy veggie breakfast burritos and cappuccinos, then began our quest for shots of produce and flowers.

we were not let down.

IMG_7148 IMG_7172

IMG_7189 IMG_7276

marc and i used to hit the minneapolis farmers market quite frequently when we lived in town, but i've always loved the st paul one more. truth be told, i kinda love st paul more. something about the history, the old buildings, the quiet little streets, the beautiful city parks ... love st paul. and the market has much more of a community feel to it.

see this guy?

IMG_7167 he's the roasted corn guy. he told me a joke about a cow:

what do you call a cow who's had her calf?





ha ha ha

so i had to tell HIM a cow joke in return.

knock knock

who's there?

interrupting cow.

interrupting co-


ha. get it? it's all in the delivery.

but he loved it, and immediately told it to the next lady in line.





and see this little sweetie? i don't think she trusted me or sue and our cameras that loved her so much.


no matter where her dad went in the family's booth, she kept her eyes trained on us. and MAN was she a cutie!


from the cute little old lady that one vendor greeted by name, to the couples holding hands, to the little kids who were sitting at the picnic table that is just for them and coloring pictures, to the local firemen ...


everyone loves the market. and sue and i had the best time.

and all the veggies looked delicious, and all the flowers were stunning. and there were so many different types that i couldn't pick a favorite. (see album here)



so gorgeous, in fact, that i will go back this weekend with my canvas bags. not the camera. and i will make my house beautiful for $20 or less.

i love the farmers market.



Wow...the colors are amazing. I love the Farmer's Market, but haven't been to the St. Paul one as of yet. You make me want to leave work right now and hit the local veggie stands. Not the same thing, but it should hold me over until I can get to the real thing. Thansk for sharing your photos!


Gorgeous pictures! Sadly, we don't have a good farmer's market local to us. I used to love to go when we lived in town.


Sigh. I love the Farmers' Market. I always take both the camera and the canvas bag (and this Saturday I will also take a pumpkin spice latte).


Hooray for the Farmer's Market! I loved the one we had in Winona... it was small, but I loved getting apple rings and fresh flowers... even on a college budget. LOL. I don't think they have a Farmer's Market here... probably too hot.

And yeah, I think I like St. Paul better than Minneapolis too! But since most of the family is from Minneapolis, it does hold a special place in my heart. :)

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