adventures in a two-year plan

you know how when ...

there's too much to say you decide to just eat cheesecake instead?

okay. that's me tonight.

we had a great weekend ... my sister and her husband were visiting for the fourth. we had a lovely time, as evidenced by the joy and enthusiasm on their faces in this photo ...


pf chang's. wii + mario kart. coffee cake. pixos. chevy's. fireworks. coffee. ice age 3. cook-out-ing. ikea. cheesecake. xbox car racing. more coffee. a lot of not really anything, but a lot of fun, too. i'm just not in the mood to regurgitate the weekend and write about.


today henry started ymca camp and loved every minute of it. i loved that he was busy and active from 9 till 4, getting fresh air and singing dorky songs and making new friends. he needed wii detox.

after dinner we pulled out the slip & slide and let the kiddos have at it again. and i pulled out my 70-200 2.8 IS and had a little fun.





this week: more camp, build the kiddos' new computer table from ikea, build henry's new dresser from ikea, head to the pool, and cross our fingers that marc stays in town for seven days in a row.

and, with any luck, come up with something interesting to share and the energy to share it.

happy monday.



Those photos are so cool! I am proud of the ones I was able to get this past weekend too.
Need to know which computer table did you get from IKEA..I am still putting Jack's room together in my head.
and yes..I do want to go on a photo walkabout!

Casey Boyd

Those are great photos Michele!! I need to practice a bit:)


GREAT water them!

Sue Thomas

What? You went to IKEA???? I really need an entire day in that store!!!

When and where are you planning the photo walkabout? Do you want company???


Fun pics!! I haven't seen pics of the kids in a long time and Harper is getting so tall and CUTE! I need to spend more time on the computer! LOL!

susan weinroth

i love those pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so summer-esque! :)

catherine feegel-erhardt

excellent photos !
just got an ikea here... 5 minutes away and still haven't been. gulp! what is wrong with me?

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