july/august memory makers article
you know how when ...



marc's gone. again. all week.

company's coming. again. on friday.

trying to finish the upstairs bathroom project. so i can move on. to everything else.

put on all the new hardware. which was matched to all the old hardware.

every door is now. a quarter. of an inch. off.


i need to hire a weekday husband. do they have ads for that on craigslist?


Danielle (vtpuggirl)

LOL, hang in there!


ugh Michele...wish i was closer so we could rip off those cabinets, start a bonfire and drink a margarita over it, lol.

Erin B

Sorry Michelle. That sounds like a headache! I'm not sure you want a weekday husband though, mine works from home and I come home to a new mess every day. He's started a "cleaning project" with his work inventory and it currently sits all over my living room floor. Ugh!

Good luck!

lisa truesdell

oh heck. my neighbor and i were just discussing that every "little" project turns into a huge pia - but your huge project has turned into the huge-est pia EVER. hoping this is all behind you SOON!


...you need Handy Manny! and so do I ;)

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