last day of april!!!
what did you say, ethel?

may/june memory makers

i'm sure by now, most of you (who are into this sort of thing) have heard that memory makers will cease publication with the september/october issue. to say i'm heartbroken is an understatement.

memory makers was the first publication to pick up one of my layouts, about, oh, six years ago. three years ago they invited me to be one of ten masters. two years ago they asked me to write a book. last year they asked me to be a contributing editor. and now, they are no more. and i'm sad.

the people who work on and for that magazine are just amazing. they put their heart and soul into it, and have created some really great issues and books over the years. the web site will continue to exist, so show your love and support and pop over there to keep the forums alive and send a little note of love to those who have made the magazine such a treat over the years.

let's all take a moment to honor what is, what was, and what will no longer be.


and with that, here's may/june:


this issue's "tell your story" article deals with the fact that life isn't always neat and pretty and happy. sometimes there are things in it that are anything but. many scrappers, however, gloss over the bad stuff in order to portray how great life is, how beautiful and sweet their children are, how much they love their spouse every single ding dong day. but truth is, that's not always the case. sometimes your life seems out of whack. sometimes your kids push you to the brink. sometimes you want to drop-kick your spouse into next week.

my challenge to readers in this issue is to journal about the not-so-perfect, the times when you throw your hands up and say, "it is what it is."

products used: basic grey patterned paper and letter stickers; crate paper die cut paper; 7gypsies quote bubble stamp; creative imaginations letter stamps.



I love the idea of doing layouts like these, they are an important part of our real lives. I'm sorry about MM, I always enjoyed every issue.

Lisa Day

I was sad to hear about MM. I love your layout!

Diana (moonlightgrrl)

so true and what a great reminder... remembering (and scrapping about) the not-so-good makes the good that much sweeter. i think i will take you up on this challenge. :-)


So sorry about MM. It will definitely be missed. :( At least we still get to see *your* work and read *your* words on your blog though. :)


That's a shame. ((hug))

What was the journalling on this page? I can't read it, and now am very curious :) I agree that it is important to scrap all parts of life if you want to be real, genuine, or remotely believable.

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