quite the weekend
days 8 & 9. and bathroom update.

i love my new bathroom!*

*except for one itsy-bitsy little detail, which i will divulge below.

it turned out amazing, even though it took four months longer than anticipated, and about $3000 more than we were told to budget.

remember where we started?

Bath1 Bath2

ick, right?

and then we went through all of this.

and finally, about three weeks ago, he was done. then i had to finish touching up the paint, putting on a second coat of sealer in the shower, paint all the baseboard and door trim, marc had to install said baseboard and trim, had to put up all the other fixtures ... figure out how to hang the curtains ... order curtains ... iron curtains ... etc.

well, it's done. except for hemming the curtains.

IMG_2360 IMG_2359 IMG_2369

IMG_2364 IMG_2371 IMG_2365 IMG_2377

the little details are making me totally happy. the little tin pitcher from ikea was the perfect thing to hold the raspberry branches from pottery barn. the wood "bowl" from target makes a charming receptacle for extra toilet paper. and the plant stand from smith & hawken was exactly what was needed between the vanity and toilet to hold q-tips and a bowl for placing rings, etc. while showering.

however ... here comes the "*" ...

when it comes to showering, there's a problem:

IMG_2367 there is no hot water in the shower.

i let it run for 10 minutes today, as i was giving the shower a test-run before my parents arrive on friday for easter. and ... no hot water. i had it on full-blast hot for about 10 minutes, and it never even made it to lukewarm. now, it did warm slightly, which makes me think that the hot water valve just doesn't open all the way.

so now the conundrum: if i call mr contractor and ask him to please give me hot water, the possibilities are:

a) we have to take down the glass shelf and towel bar, he has to dig through the new wall to access the plumbing, then repatch the drywall, and i then have to repaint two coats of primer and two coats of paint, plus rehang everything and then clean up.


b) we access the plumbing through the closet in marc's office, thereby having to take everything OUT of the closet, find a place for it, fix the plumbing, then fix the closet, but in the meantime my parents have to sleep on the couch because the office/guest-room-once-an-air-mattress-is-placed-on-the-floor will be out of commission; which, actually, will not make marc happy because that's where he WORKS.

and do we pursue these options today in hopes of having a functional shower by friday? or do we say screw it, use only the one working bathroom AGAIN during a family visit, and deal with the shower on monday? i'm leaning toward the latter, because i still have way too many things to do before lunchtime friday to be ready.

good grief. i don't even care how pretty this room turned out. i'm friggin' SICK of it.



it's gorgeous -- even if you don't have hot water!

amy a.

Your new bathroom is awesome, but bummer about the hot water - I would wait til Mon. too though!


Great Googley moogley...that bites!!

Wait until Monday
LOVE all the details in it...gorgeous.


Your bathroom turned out gorgeous, cold, but gorgeous:) Love all the little details. There is something about a fresh new bathroom that you just gotta love.


I also vote wait until Monday. You still have the sink for teeth brushing, outlets for hair drying, toilet for... you get the picture.

The bathroom looks great! I love that you did the small tile on the floor and the big tile on the walls. It looks super cool!


I'd hold out until Monday too. A shower is nice, but the other bathroom elements are even more important.

I think the plumber ought to have tested both water temps for cryin' out loud. What a PITA to deal with!

BTW, don't worry about owing me an e-mail! I posted at FB and LJ about Disney though, and would love to chat w/you either OL or on the phone next week some time :)

Have a great weekend! I'm sure your family will be impressed by the beautiful bathroom. I know I am! :)

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