i love my new bathroom!*
last day of april!!!

days 8 & 9. and bathroom update.

pix from yesterday ...

becca's mode of communication with her hubby until the end of the month:


and i forced myself to look up - figuratively and literally - after the disappointment of the new shower:


and today, becca's cat, isabella, was seeking some quiet time away bruiser:


and marc broke down henry's first bike, the one with training wheels, and covered the "major damage" design and blue/black/red colors with something more harper-approved:


and while he was feeling handy, he checked out the shower handle for me, and discovered that if he pushed it up ever so slightly, the water got ever so slightly warmer. so he talked to the contractor (who was conveniently busy and didn't return my call until about 4:30 today), and was walked through the process of taking off the flange to access the screws that loosen the handle and allow more hot water threads to be turned on.

or something like that.

well, the contractor cut the tile so close to the plumbing that the screw is only partially visible. to get to it with a screwdriver, *someone* will have to come out tomorrow with a tile saw and make the hole bigger. and *someone* will be called every hour on the hour until he shows up with that saw.

and i'm done with the whole thing. i'm packing up my girl, meeting my friend heather and her daughter downtown, and we're going to go look at the spring garden show at macy's. i need a breather.

and by the time i get home, my parents should be here or be close.

and maybe *someone* will have shown up with a tile saw.



It is incredible what you can achieve with a good tile saw. This has been helpful but I will keep looking to be able to compare the available machines. Thank you for posting this.

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