on saturday, we go the opposite of green.

what a difference a day makes.

yesterday morning we were just hanging out, when i noticed something out front: the tree guys. they pulled up, got out of their trucks, and within minutes the sawdust was flying.

about five hours later, they pulled away and we were left to gasp at the difference.

within the first 15 minutes, our yard looked like it had just gone through a tornado. it was both exhilarating, and a little frightening.


then the big ugly locust started to come down, and all was well. we remembered why we were doing this in the first place.


IMG_1853 the whole process of removing entire trees was fascinating. so much so, that i came in from taking photos to find my entire family eating lunch at the front window, watching the tree guys and their progress like they were beavers building a dam at the zoo.


IMG_1933 the guys worked hard, and soon every tree had been touched, all the stumps had been ground, all the branches had been ground up, and the clean-up began.


and my family supervised every move the guys made. even the cat.


IMG_1773 (marc was looking especially fine as he micromanaged observed the operation.)



the kids had a blast playing with all the detritus. who doesn't love sawdust and twigs and stumps, right? especially when they make such handy guns for shooting birds ...


IMG_1918 or your mom.

where did he learn such behavior?

IMG_1896 oh.




in the end, we were very happy with all the changes, and with the guys who did it.


even though it makes our house look sad and pathetic.


IMG_1961 but i have big plans for paint.

and big plans for planting.

and we capped off the day with a trip to sonic for milkshakes to celebrate all our hard work. so it all ended well.




I love the play-by-play pictures! We live on 13 (very wooded) acres so trees are constantly coming down around here. Last spring when DH and FIL cut one down, the kids played in the sawdust for days and founds lots and lots of snails! No landscaping advice, as I leave all of that to DH!


Yay for the removal of the horrible Locust tree!

Danielle (vtpuggirl)

Congrats on your new lawn! A clean palette for spring!

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