march/april memory makers!

random harper funnies

1. while getting tucked into bed tonight, harper asked for an animal to sleep with. i saw a fluffy, star-shaped yellow bear on the floor and said, "what about star bear?" harper looks at me, dead serious, and says, "his name isn't star bear. it's scorpion." then she laughed like a maniac. what a nutcase.

2. two days ago we were writing her name, and she said, "i don't really like harper anymore. i want a different name." what, pray tell, i asked her, would she like her name to be? "hello kitty."

good grief.

3. talking to henry: "henry, you don't like mushrooms? they make you throw up? you think they're disgusting? you throw up because they're delicate?"

4. while getting dressed and shaking her leg: "i do this because it makes my leg all strongy and gives me energy."

5. i'll leave you with photographic proof that she can crack up anyone just by making a face:


really ... how does that face NOT make someone smile?

(she turns four next week ... excuse me for the next few days while i get over the shock.)



LOL... wow, sounds like you have a deslightful little pistol on your hands! :)

Lisa DIckinson

i love the "strongy" comment. I'm gonna have to incorporate that into my work-out routine :)


OMG she is too cute. I can't beleive she is going to be 4!! It goes faster wneh they get older. kailtyn will be 17 on SUnday. How did THAT happen???

(ps do you do senior pictures :)


So sweet. I loved age four with both girls. I would freeze them at four if I could.

She has a great sense of humor, and looks JUST like her mama in that photo!

Amy Coose

So sweet! Love that you're keeping track of what she says. They totally say the cutest things!


pardon me, but could you move to Ohio, so she can hang with Allie?



harper is such a cutie!! michele, i saw the pic of you & your dad by the firetruck in your book. i thought it was harper at first glance.

susan weinroth

how is she SO big?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is totally adorable, btw :)

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