nine years.
how to make a kid's day

it's fridayfridayfriday!!!

not that i'm happy about that or anything ... ha.

first off ... bathroom floor is DONE! (well ... laid, grouted, and sealed. still need a threshold, but that'll happen next week. i assume.) shower wall is SORTA DONE! (still needs the smaller cut tiles around the ceiling and floor, and the wall that butts up to the window can't be done until the window is installed. but still.)

IMG_0931 IMG_0935

window is freaking ORDERED, after way too much confusion and misinformation and too many trips to menard'slowe'shomedepot.

this weekend marc and i will get and paint the new door and door jam and baseboard and window trim and a light fixture. next week contractor will finish tile (all except for tile around window, because window might not be here for 2-3 weeks. leave me alone.), put in the threshold, hang the door and light fixture, and plumb the toilet and sink. holy crap ... it could look like a bathroom this time next week!!

after four months, it had better look like SOMETHING this time next week.

oh, and i love this coat. don't you love this coat? i think it has my name all over it.

henry's birthday was fun - dinner at rainforest cafe, then a swing by the lego store so he could, literally, drool pathetically over the death star set.


(psst ... don't tell henry, but ups dropped off a big, heavy box from lego today ... hmmm ... )

tomorrow he's having two buddies over for make-your-own-pizza/wii-athon/build-your-own-brownie day in honor of his turning nine. then sunday morning, when he wakes up ... there will be a big, heavy box from lego sitting on his bedroom floor.

i fully expect we won't see him at all on sunday.

and harper is currently playing quietly in her room. that could be good, could be bad. i'm choosing to believe it's good and am leaving her alone. i may regret that.

and that, my friends, is why it's fridayfridayfriday!

have a lovely weekend!!


Danielle (vtpuggirl)

Happy friday! So excited for your new bathroom and the death star. (what a statement, didn't think I'd say that today!)


hi michelle! it was so much fun meeting you, marc, & the kids for dinner. i've got you bookmarked. digging the music you've chosen. :) hope henry has an awesome time tomorrow!--kyong


Tom (husband) and I were drooling over that while at the Lego store in Downtown Disnry a few weeks ago. It is soooo coool!!!!!! I know if I had a boy it would be hard NOT to buy it!!!
Hope e had a good b-day!!


Anna Sigga

Your bathroom looks awesome and that coat is soooo pretty!!!

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