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jan/feb memory makers now available!

the first issue of memory makers for 2009 is on newsstands, and with it is my first article as a contributing editor! (yay!)

in deference to the calendar, the "tell your story" article for this issue is on writing love letters. but we all know how to write a letter to our significant other or child or best friend, right? this article challenges you to go beyond the obvious and express your love for the other things and people in your life. your favorite shoes ... the lady who makes your morning starbucks ... payday ...

my love letter was to super target, and all the bliss it brings to my life.


to whom or what will your write your love letter? and if you scrap it, please let me know!!


Karen M.

oooooh, i am also a Target (pronounced Tar-Jay) girl....love, love, love everything about it! Great layout!

amy a.

Love this idea!! I have decided to do nothing but scrap/craft Valentine/Love related projects until Feb. 14!! Hmmm - now for whom or what am I feeling the LOVE for?...


What a great idea! Maybe tomorrow's crafty-ness.


Whoo hoo!! Congratulations!! Love the layout too!! Target is a staple here in SW Montana where shopping is very scarce!!


I could write a love letter to my mail lady, I think. She always takes such good care of my scrappy packages. hahaha. Or my dog. Cooper has put up with a lot, having little sisters.
LOVE your focus for 2009 and your blog banner. I didn't know you were a contributing editor at MM! Congrats on that too!


I am so digging this layout. You have inspired me!

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