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jan/feb memory makers now available!

the first issue of memory makers for 2009 is on newsstands, and with it is my first article as a contributing editor! (yay!)

in deference to the calendar, the "tell your story" article for this issue is on writing love letters. but we all know how to write a letter to our significant other or child or best friend, right? this article challenges you to go beyond the obvious and express your love for the other things and people in your life. your favorite shoes ... the lady who makes your morning starbucks ... payday ...

my love letter was to super target, and all the bliss it brings to my life.


to whom or what will your write your love letter? and if you scrap it, please let me know!!

wanna hear a joke?

why does snoop dog have a pooper-scooper?




fo' shizzle!

get it?

i heard that on the radio this morning and just giggled. maybe i shouldn't have. it isn't a very good joke.

yeah, it kind of it.

oh, and it snowed today.


wanna hear another joke? did you hear the one about the man car vs the snow?


(sorry, marc. i couldn't resist.)