monday funnies
harper makes no sense.

that's my boy!!

conversation with henry at dinner tonight:

"mom, is tomorrow pizza day at school for lunch?"
"i don't know. i circle the days we buy, then throw away the calendar."
"oh. i have to take a bag lunch tomorrow."
"okay ... why?"
"because we're on strike. they won't give us seconds anymore of stuff."

(trying so hard to not laugh. "we're on strike" ... priceless!!)

"who is 'we'?"
"me and matthew and josh. we're going to bring our lunch to school every day until they let us have seconds again in the cafeteria."

at this point, i need to interrupt him to explain that while his cause is a noble one, and i applaud his willingness to stand up to the Man, it might take more than three third graders to drive the point home. so i tell him to recruit matthew's brother, who is in fifth grade, and have him recruit his friends. (especially since fifth graders eat WAY more than the third graders, i'm guessing.) (and at the same time, the thought of packing lunch every morning for the foreseeable future fills me with dread and horror. that's a LOT of cans of campbell's select harvest chicken & noodle soup ...)

"maybe you guys should make signs to wear that say you are on strike until seconds come back."
"yeah ... but then we'd just get in trouble."
"well, no one ever said striking was easy."
"we just want to be able to have seconds on pizza day. or turkey and gravy day."

point well-made, little man.



omg, that's so cute. you have to scrap about the pizza strike...


cute story!! how precious


that is absolutely adorable!!!

Diana (moonlightgrrl)

that is the best!!! i love that he's starting his own grassroots effort for extra pizza... it'll be world peace next!


That's so cute!! Love it!

Sue Thomas

Hahahahahaha!!!! I love it!!!


So cute! You've taught him well! :o)

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