boston pts 2 & 3, indiana - again, and cha. seriously.
that's my boy!!

monday funnies

this first one occurred this morning at 7:18 a.m.

picture this ...

i'm lying in bed, the alarm goes off at 7, and marc hits snooze.

then, i'm lying in bed, the alarm goes off at 7:09, and marc hits snooze and rolls over so that he is now facing me but still asleep.

then, i'm lying in bed, the alarm goes off at 7:18, and marc reaches a finger out and presses my nose.

swear. to. god.

i say, "um ... am i now a clock?" but i get no answer. he's back to sleep.

he thought my nose was the snooze button.


second funny of the day - not that it can top marc's apparently dead-to-the-world ability to sleep through three snooze cycles: we were driving to pick up henry from school, after having just dropped off my 4runner for $1000 worth of new brakes, seals, etc. fun stuff right before christmas. anyway, harper's chattering away in the back. then we hear her say,

"when i'm a mommy, i'm going to have two babies, jack and dot. jack will be the boy, dot will be the girl. dot will be my third baby, and jack will be my second baby."

hmm. "so," i ask her, "who is your first baby?"

"what first baby?" says harper. "oh ... my third baby is toy story. but he's not a boy. he's a girl. but i don't want a crazy name, so it's not toy story."

"so what is her name then, if not 'toy story'?" i ask.

"i don't know. something normal," says harper. "but i'm not having three babies. just jack and dot."

alrighty then.

don't forget: writin' on a wednesday entries are due by midnight tomorrow!!



Michele, that is hilarious. It is never dull in you house, is it?


Love the baby conversation - that is too funny. Maybe not quite as funny as imagining your nose as the snooze button - but close.





Toy Story. Seriously. How do their little minds work? Amazing creatures they are.

Anyone ever tell you your nose is cute as a button? Granted, it's a snooze button, but still...



Michele...hilarious! I love toddler conversations. Seriously...they crack me up! LOVE it.

and I have to admit that I let out a big ol snort about your hubby. Heeeeee!

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