that's my boy!!
wanna hear a joke?

harper makes no sense.

but she makes me laugh.

we were driving back from the airport last night, after once again retrieving daddy from his latest trip, and she and henry started telling the boo knock-knock joke back and forth and getting sillier each time.

(you know the one:

knock knock
who's there?
boo who?
it's just a joke ... you don't need to cry!

good stuff, man.)

so then we hear harper start asking everyone to share their boos. she gets to me:

"mommy, what kind of boo are you? mittens, easy, or tink?"


what goes on in this kid's mind before things come out of her mouth? what a nut.

oh, and the other day she accidentally knocked an ornament off the tree and i heard, "it's okay, mama. the ornament didn't break. and it wasn't an adorable one, just a medium one."

she cracks me up.



Very cute! My little girl has just started to tell 'Knock knock' jokes but she really doesn't 'get' them yet. I must write it down so that I don't forget - even better, find time to do a layout.

I often wonder what goes on in their heads - glad it's not just me!

Lisa DIckinson

"just a medium one" totally cracks me up!


woah! anyones guess as so what she meant!!


That kid is pretty funny! And congrats on the new camera!

Kelly R cute!!


hah! too cute....gotta love the boohoo joke! LOL! cute stories.


Out of the mouth of glad you are writing them down and keeping track! I have a horrible habit of forgetting to write them down and then they slip my mind.

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