CLOSED!! alright, kids ... let's get this party started!!!
i tried so hard not to laugh

we have a winner!!

i gave henry and his friend, gabby, the important task of picking a random number for me.

they pondered ...


they consulted ...


then they agreed on a number and henry went all spastic ...


their consensus:

number 54!! SUSAN!!!

I love to journal, in fact sometimes it takes over the page and I have to back it down some to accomodate the photos, etc... So many stories to tell... so little time ...

    * Commenter name: Susan
    * Commenter email:

** susan - i've e'd you twice!! please respond before noon tomorrow (tuesday) or i'll have to draw another name!! **

thanks to everyone, and come back wednesday when i start the bi-weekly challenge. there might be just be other books up for grabs ...



Awesome! Congrats Susan!

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