can we just say a little prayer ...
writin' on a wednesday!!

this and that

trying to get ready for the thanksgiving onslaught tomorrow. i think we're in pretty good shape - got the groceries, minus the turkey, last night. will pick up the bird this afternoon, then vacuum our room and harper's and the basement, after we move all the tile and fixtures to another corner of the room. purged a ton of toys and books from the sun room and harper's room while she was at preschool ... man, that felt good!

need to print out some photos for a project.
need to blanch the green beans.
need to bake the sweet potatoes and the pumpkin bars.
need to buy flowers.
need to find all the bedding and wash it for the guests.

contractor was here yesterday and today and got the new shower area all sheet-rocked. walls!! i'll take any progress i can get at this point. sounds like some tiling might even happen next week ... hallelujah!

marc DID make the early flight on friday (thanks to all of you who prayed!!). he was the last one allowed on a very full flight. no first-class upgrade like he usually manages to get, but still ... he got on the plane. they could have strapped him into the bathroom for all i care; he was HOME by 7:30 p.m.

speaking of planes, marc told me last night he had good news and bad news. the bad news, he said, was that all the dots on the calendar are days he'll be gone in december. uh ... it was EVERY day except four, not including weekends. good news? are you kidding me? then he pointed to the week before xmas, the week before we take off for 10 days in indiana, and he said that he's flying my mom up that week to lend a hand and hang out with the kids and me. wow. seriously ... he thought ahead, checked the flights, called my mom and worked it out, and then told me ... he knew he had to be armed with a plan before he showed me his december travel schedule. ha ha. but still ... wow. what a guy.

xmas shopping is moving right along. i'm doing a lot of "click and ship" so that the presents are in indiana waiting for us ... i tell you, that's the ONLY way to do xmas.

speaking of, henry has his heart set on this lego set for xmas. i told him that mommy and daddy are not made of money, and how 'bout he ask the grandparents and aunts & uncles for cash for xmas and birthday and try to save up for it. then the little bugger says, "well ... i guess i'll just ask santa. he always gets what i ask him for!" d'oh! crap. he pulled the santa card. now, this kid's faith in santa is dubious at best, but he's not quite ready to let it go. but this might just be the year, when there isn't a $400 lego set under the tree. our rule is that we try to get the kids whatever the one item is that they asks santa for whilst sitting for a photo op after the macy's holiday story. but thankfully, they've always been easy. (the year henry wanted green socks, for example.) this year, though? ugh. when i said daddy and i would foot the bill for half if he came up with the other half, he said no thanks ... something about wanting something to play with on xmas morning. drat. well, no time like the present to learn to deal with disappointment.

then there's harper, who wants earrings that play music. i've googled ... can't find such a thing. ruh-ro. both kids are gonna feel santa-letdown this year.

wonder if santa will put that 5d mark II under the tree for me ... ? something tells me the skinner house will be 0 for 3 on christmas morning. good thing marc bought himself a car this year ... he's already take care of.

have you seen "miss pettigrew lives for a day"? oh my ... loved this movie! but then there was michael ... the pianist with the soulful eyes and lovely accent. i was in love. but then ... why does he look so familiar? it was killing me. then - BAM! pushing daisies. ned. it was him. don't you love it when you finally remember something that's been bugging the heck out of you?

oh, and i spent the weekend scrapping at a great little house in waconia, minn., with my friend anne-marie and a whole list of new friends. i got crafty just for fun. man, it felt good!!

Alliwantforxmas Happiness

Harperlates Mypumpkins


there were two others, but i can't share either. one is for the may/june memory makers, and the other is for something else ... but i can't share that just yet. maybe tomorrow. or the next day.

also - tomorrow is writin' on a wednesday day, so come back! see the challenge! do the challenge! maybe win a book!!








alrighty ... until then, happy cooking and cleaning and grocery shopping and list making and liquor shopping and midol popping and deep, cleansing breathing and chocolate sneaking and ... see you tomorrow.



Those were some truly lovely layouts. Thanks so much for sharing them!


That is some lego set!! My DS would love it, but even Santa couldn't swing that at our house either ;) Lovely LOs!


love the los


Thanks for the shout out Michele...and the pictures of those layouts do NOT do them person they were simply FABULOUS. You amaze me.
Hope you survived the turkey day!

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