egads!! it's wednesday, isn't it???
this and that

can we just say a little prayer ...

that marc can manage to catch the 4:40 plane home from denver tomorrow instead of having to wait for the 6:30? because then he could be home by bedtime. and the last six days could officially be behind me.

six days of harper screaming, crying, whining, scratching her brother, saying she has to pee then not peeing then crying that she has to pee then not peeing then keeping this up during the entire trip to and from henry's school even though we get out and try at each stop ...

six days of the contractor getting not much done, my bathroom still just stud walls, walls that used to have tile on them, and a few patches of black mold (*shudder*), and now his brother-in-law has been sent home for his final days so i highly doubt i'll see any action on the bathroom until AFTER thanksgiving. (not that i'm irritated that his b-i-l is dying ... that's a horrible thing.) so now i have LESS bathrooms than last year. and all the stuff that is supposed to be IN the bathroom is in the basement ... in the exact area that marc's brother and wife are supposed to put their air mattress for bedtime. hmm.

six days of dealing with stuff like getting the towels i ordered for the downstairs bathroom (the one that isn't even remotely ready for towels) only to find that all the bath towels are a different color than the rest. so now it's either pay an extra $15 to expedite four bath towels here by thanksgiving so my in-laws can dry themselves off (because i got rid of all our old towels, bought four sets for the updated upstairs bathroom and was awaiting these other four sets for the downstairs), or ship them ALL back and find time to trek to macy's or somewhere for towels (because i've already checked target, bed bath & beyond, linens & things, etc. and no one has a color that will work).

six days of trying desperately to clean the house, but with every project the mess just seems to get bigger or shift to another room.

six days of having to catch up on a ton of laundry because we were without water for two of those days while the contractor got the new plumbing ready for the shower, then the very next day home depot called and said the faucet for the sink won't be here until DEC-friggin'-15!! so now ... take it all back, buy off the rack EXCEPT the shower which is already plumbed, or keep it all and deal with the fact this bathroom won't officially be done until the week before we leave for xmas??

six days is too much when you have no support system, no village to rally and lend a hand or at least a glass of icy gin & tonic, and a plate that is way too full of cleaning and contractors and preparing for thanksgiving and the onslaught of skinners.

next year, if marc says he's leaving the week before thanksgiving (because this is the second year in a row, remember), i will be telling him that the house and kids and meal prep are all his upon his return. i've had it.

so yeah ... marc needs prayer right now that he makes it ON THAT PLANE. oh yeah ... and passes the test so we don't have to do this week over.

now, i need to go take out the trash and recycling and then crash. because i know harper will be up a few times tonight. it's her MO when daddy's gone. the mess will still be here tomorrow.



OH man girl! I got a headache just by reading this. I would feel the same way! Praying he gets on THAT PLANE!


sounds like an awful week! i hope he made it back in time to give you a break. calgon, take you away!


ugh. hope marc is home by now...or at least in flight. wish I was close enough to rally for you.


Did he make it? Good luck this week. :)

Leslie McF

Those are the times my kids lived on pizza and cereal. My husband always managed to be out for town for those weeks when you really needed four adults - not the usual two - just to keep the whole world from imploding...yeah, don't miss those days. Prayers said for you and yours. Hope things return to normal for you soon. Have you looked into buying a ready made
Thanksgiving feast? It's much easier on the soul.

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