contemplating a bee
an excellent article that puts a finger right on it

it will be mine. oh yes, it will be mine.


canon has FINALLY announced the successor to the 5d. there is a god.

i've been waiting for this camera for two years. my 20d has been a trooper, but at this point she's yesterday's news. and it seemed silly to put down the money for a 5d when a new one had, just HAD, to be on the horizon. i wasn't sure the old girl could squeak it out, but now it looks like the cavalry has arrived.

and arrived in style, might i add.

wait ... there's a contractor coming to gut our bathroom next month? what bathroom?? who said anything about a bathroom ... ?


Anne aka anniescraps

Happy Camera shopping, may the wait not be so long :-) Bad economy, bathroom, what I didn't hear you... ;-)

susan weinroth

who needs a bathroom, silly?! ;)

Kelly R
No comparison ;o)


Good luck with the camera hunt!


DO IT!!!!!

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