i now heart matt damon. big.
while reading dr seuss's alphabet book tonight ...


6a00d83452997369e200e553d2b5e18833 a lovely friend, woman, mother, wife, scrapper passed away this morning because someone ran a red light. the shock has not yet worn off ... aleida was someone who always made me smile, always made me feel like there was a bright side, someone whose spirit and joy was contagious and infectious. there was talk of getting a group of us together at some point, and i couldn't wait. to actually meet this larger than life presence and drink margaritas and tell dirty jokes sounded like heaven.

and now she's gone. and i'm just so, so sad.

but in passing, aleida also taught me something. with a post she recently wrote on her blog. she challenged me to something i've been so terrible at doing - being IN my life. she wrote that one day she wouldn't be around and she suddenly realized the importance of passing off the camera and getting in front of it with her kids. maybe the photos won't be perfect. maybe i'll hate how i look. but my kids will have a record of me being in their life as more than the documenter, the cook, the chauffer, the nurse, the secretary, etc.

and the fact that aleida had this revelation so close to her own last day just gives me chills. how i will miss her, and already do. and to brandon and the kids, god bless you. my prayers are with you.



My heart is in my throat after viewing that post of hers and those beautiful photos. How incredibly tragic. To think of that precious girl growing up without the clear adoration of her mom is too much.

I'm so sorry for your loss, and the loss of all those close to her. :(

FWIW, I have very few photos of me and my mom for the reason your friend gave, as well as the fact that Mom's house nearly burned to the ground two months before she died. It's something I really wish were different, because those 15-20 photos are all I have of her now, and they are not nearly enough.

catherine feegel-erhardt

tears flowed as i looked into her beautiful eyes!....
so much love there!
sadness burns my heart...
sorrow for bella!
so unfair!
going to hug my girls now!


Very beautiful post about Aleida. I was so moved by her post about being IN the pictures that I vowed to do that. Well, I still haven't done it, and this has made me realize no more excuses, it is so very important! I just can't stop thinking about her beautiful family:(


No more excuses... I will get in front of that camera - and keep the photos I take... As I just deleted almost half my Scrapfest photos that I didn't look "good" in.
I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your friend Aleida, she sounds like such a wonderful person. Thinking of you... Kyra¥


Heartbreaking. My heart just goes out to her family and her friends.

Thank you for the reminder Michele. I just wish that it could have come at a lower price.

Sue Thomas

Oh Michele, what a terrible tragedy and such a powerful reminder to get on the other side of the camera. Sending you big hugs today!

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