still alive.
i'm sure i'll screw this up somehow.

not to tear you away from dave, but ...

the wedding pix are done. just wanted to share.

oh - and i said i would tell you the story:

i popped into the photography board on two peas one friday night at, like, 10:30 p.m. ... literally the first time i'd been there in months. and lo - there was a post from jessica in the twin cities looking for a second shooter for a wedding the next day. i posted back to her that it was too bad i hadn't seen the message earlier because i might have been able to help. then i talked to marc about it and he said, "well ... why don't you do it?"

huh. why, indeed?

so i emailed her and said i could lend a hand for the wedding. we had dinner plans, but that was easily changed. she emailed back and said i was in, and that was that. totally last minute, but still a delight. what wedding isn't? we had a great lunch together before the wedding, chatting and getting to know each other, and then headed over the most beautiful church. the stained glass windows in this place were amazing. i met the families and attendants and then off to work i went. sadly, i had to miss the reception at the arboretum, one of my most favorite places to do shoots, but i was glad jessica didn't have to cover the wedding alone. that's a big job.

and there you have it. story, and pix, too.



Lisa Dickinson

well i'm sure your awesome photo skills were appreciated! tfs!


Beautiful photos!


WOW!! Awesome pics!


Michele, I've said it before and I'll say it again, but you have the most creative photographer's eye! I just love way you see things.


psst... you've been tagged! ;)

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