i'm sure i'll screw this up somehow.

mosaic of me

i was blog-hopping last night while marc played on the xbox, and happened across melissa deakin's blog. she had this really great flickr mosaic created with answers to questions about her. so i decided i needed to try it. and amazingly ... it really is a photo representation of me! freaky but cool.

so here's mine, and then i'll tell you how to do it:

1. Michele - Moon at Notting Hill, 2. elevated takeout_sandwich_6562.jpg, 3. Huntington North High School, 4. wool - butter yellow, 5. Ben Affleck, wife Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet enjoy their Memorial Day weekend in LA, 6. Natural Ingredients, 7. Balcony with a view at Tsagaralono (3 km from Fidakia, Evritania, Central Greece), 8. strawberry shortcake, 9. Extreme Instability, 10. Snowmen family in TX, 11. Juxtaposition, 12. Ω OMEGA

rules: answer each of the following questions by typing your answer into the flickr search engine. then pick the photo that best represents you and your answer. (melissa said to stick with the first page ... but there were some i just couldn't do that. so i'm being a rebel and saying you can venture into page two if you want ...) then paste the photo's url into mosaic maker set at four columns, three rows. voila!

1. what is your first name? michele
2. what is your favorite food? egg salad sandwiches popped into my head ...
3. where did you go to high school? huntington north
4. what is your favorie color? butter yellow
5. who is your celebrity crush? so help me, ben affleck
6. what is your favorite drink? vodka tonic with lime
7. what is your dream vacation? greece
8. what is your favorite dessert? strawberry shortcake
9. what do you want to be when you grow up? storm chaser
10 what do you love most in life? family (bonus points that i found a pic of a SNOW family)
11. what one word describes you? juxtaposition
12. what is your flickr name? micheleomega (had to shorten it to omega)

neat, right? show me yours now!!



Thanks for the push to finally try this..FUN! Have a good weekend.hoping to take some great pics at the Fair (Oh and stuff my face too!)

Tara Van Moorsel

Very cool little project! I just made my mosaic but now I'm too tired to addd it to my blog. Maybe tomorrow!


Looks fun! Will have to try it out over the weekend:)

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