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mosaic of me

i was blog-hopping last night while marc played on the xbox, and happened across melissa deakin's blog. she had this really great flickr mosaic created with answers to questions about her. so i decided i needed to try it. and amazingly ... it really is a photo representation of me! freaky but cool.

so here's mine, and then i'll tell you how to do it:

1. Michele - Moon at Notting Hill, 2. elevated takeout_sandwich_6562.jpg, 3. Huntington North High School, 4. wool - butter yellow, 5. Ben Affleck, wife Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet enjoy their Memorial Day weekend in LA, 6. Natural Ingredients, 7. Balcony with a view at Tsagaralono (3 km from Fidakia, Evritania, Central Greece), 8. strawberry shortcake, 9. Extreme Instability, 10. Snowmen family in TX, 11. Juxtaposition, 12. Ω OMEGA

rules: answer each of the following questions by typing your answer into the flickr search engine. then pick the photo that best represents you and your answer. (melissa said to stick with the first page ... but there were some i just couldn't do that. so i'm being a rebel and saying you can venture into page two if you want ...) then paste the photo's url into mosaic maker set at four columns, three rows. voila!

1. what is your first name? michele
2. what is your favorite food? egg salad sandwiches popped into my head ...
3. where did you go to high school? huntington north
4. what is your favorie color? butter yellow
5. who is your celebrity crush? so help me, ben affleck
6. what is your favorite drink? vodka tonic with lime
7. what is your dream vacation? greece
8. what is your favorite dessert? strawberry shortcake
9. what do you want to be when you grow up? storm chaser
10 what do you love most in life? family (bonus points that i found a pic of a SNOW family)
11. what one word describes you? juxtaposition
12. what is your flickr name? micheleomega (had to shorten it to omega)

neat, right? show me yours now!!

i'm sure i'll screw this up somehow.

chain letter-type things are notoriously beyond my comprehension. i fuss over whether i've followed all the rules and fret over whether i'll have 12 years of bad luck if i accidentally send to nine people instead of 10. too much pressure!

but when you get tagged by the fabulous kimber mcgray and she says lovely things about you, by golly you keep that chain going!!

so, to the best of my knowledge, here is the blog love tag game thing:

I love your blog So here are the rules:

(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.

(2) Link the person you received your award from.

(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

(4) Put links of those on yours.

(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated.

Here are the 7 I am tagging:

1. katrina simeck: i love this girl. love. hate that we see each other two whole times a year ... if we're lucky.
2. nicole harper: constantly makes me smile and be happy that we're friends.
3. susan weinroth: florida may have taken her from minnesota, but thank heaven for the internet.
4. barb novak: her snark and sarcasm are near and dear to my heart.
5. crystal jeffrey reiger: the things this girl can do with a butter knife and cleavage are one of the wonders of the earth.
6. jessica sprague: another friend whom the east coast stole. i admire her intelligence, talent, and openness, and miss her.
7. cheryl overton: because DANG, girl! update the blog already!!

kimber took a few names away from me ... and honorable mention goes to my dearest catherine, who, i'm afraid, would go apoplectic if i sent her this and made her try and figure out how to get this on her blog.

not to tear you away from dave, but ...

the wedding pix are done. just wanted to share.

oh - and i said i would tell you the story:

i popped into the photography board on two peas one friday night at, like, 10:30 p.m. ... literally the first time i'd been there in months. and lo - there was a post from jessica in the twin cities looking for a second shooter for a wedding the next day. i posted back to her that it was too bad i hadn't seen the message earlier because i might have been able to help. then i talked to marc about it and he said, "well ... why don't you do it?"

huh. why, indeed?

so i emailed her and said i could lend a hand for the wedding. we had dinner plans, but that was easily changed. she emailed back and said i was in, and that was that. totally last minute, but still a delight. what wedding isn't? we had a great lunch together before the wedding, chatting and getting to know each other, and then headed over the most beautiful church. the stained glass windows in this place were amazing. i met the families and attendants and then off to work i went. sadly, i had to miss the reception at the arboretum, one of my most favorite places to do shoots, but i was glad jessica didn't have to cover the wedding alone. that's a big job.

and there you have it. story, and pix, too.


still alive.

what craziness we've had around here!

marc's back in chicago for the week ... we'll see him sometime in the wee hours of friday morning. i had an article to write and layout to create for the column (article - done. layout - not so much.). three other projects are cooking. and right now i'm finishing up the edits on the wedding pix so i can have these off my to do list tomorrow. because i have several other shoots coming up.

and did i mention marc's out of town. yeah, i guess i did.

so as i'm plugging away tonight i'm listening to a playlist of some of my all-time favorite songs, and this one is stuck on repeat right now ... because i just finished reading "the time traveler's wife" last night and it's totally stuck in my head and i want to sit down and chat with people who have read it, and for some reason this song makes me think of the book even more. "stay or leave," i guess ... the sentiment is all over that book.

man, what a book. if you haven't read it, go read it. then let's discuss.

but until then, i leave you with my most favorite dave matthews song. and a promise to write something real very soon. or at least share more wedding photos. (and sorry about the video quality ... all the good ones were disabled. grumble.)


i'm having mac-to-pc compatibility problems, printer problems, photoshop problems, henry's having daddy-bought-a-new-computer-cuz-it-was- cheap-and-faster-but-it's-loaded-with-vista-which-is-from-the-devil-so- nothing-works problems so my geek is otherwise occupied and is heading to wisconsin tomorrow, and there's way too much michael phelps to watch, so i can't post anything or work on anything or print anything.

but i can share these places of laughter and hand-over-mouth "no they DIDN'T!" moments. enjoy. i'll be back with something interesting when the technological vacuum that is my life returns to normal. ie marc gets back and has time to address the issues.

overheard in minneapolis - proof that minnesota actually ISN'T perfect. but is darn entertaining.
it's lovely! i'll take it! - real estate photos that make no sense. and quite possibly no sales.

announcement time:

i'm pregnant!!

bwahahahahah ... just kidding. seriously. that's not even funny.

just wanted to get your attention.

a couple of weeks ago i got the sweetest email from beth williams, editor of memory makers. she invited me to be one of the contributing editors for 2009!!


i'll be writing a column on telling your story ... my guess is it'll be a tie-in to this little project:


my plan at this point is to start a series of once-a-week prompts and challenges. maybe "writerly wednesdays" or "storytelling saturdays" or "thesaurus thursdays" ... the last one is a joke. unless you like it. then it's not.

thoughts? any interest? someone want to start a list of who will provide snacks each week?

fellow '07 masters and all-around amazingly wonderful women katrina simeck and crystal jeffrey rieger will also be putting their fingerprints on each issue of the magazine as contributing editors. their talent has been no-fail inspiration for me over the past two years, and i'm so glad we're onto this new endeavor together!

so that's it. that's the news. let me know if you'd like a journaling problem discussed and addressed here, and i'll add it to the list of stuff to write about on "treatise tuesday" ... i mean, "script & scrawl saturday" ... "memoir monday" ...

ask me what i did today ...


now ask me if, 24 hours ago, i knew i would be shooting a wedding today ...

BwIMG_0956 it was so great, though. the bride and groom were adorable - post-marriage, the bride's name is katie cady. how cute is that? the bridesmaids looked gorgeous and carried amazing flowers. the groomsmen were great sports. i'll post more later and tell you the whole story, but now i need to head to bed. tomorrow: art fair at loring park. with the kids. and 90+ degree weather. bring it.

wait ...

do you hear that? no? neither do i! it's quiet here ... sigh!

henry was invited to a play date, and lucky harper was invited to stay by henry's friend's sister. she's eight, and the only girl among three brothers. so some doll-and-nail polish time with harper ranks pretty high on her list. higher than, say, cleaning out her closet, which is apparently what she was supposed to do today.

so, me? what do i get to do with this sudden windfall of quietness? well, marc got home at midnight last night (this morning?) so a few thoughts ran through my head. then i got home from dropping off the kids to find that he's getting a migraine. no afternoon delights, and probably no night out tonight. crap.

i guess i'll go shower and surf the internet instead. or clean the kitchen. boy does THAT sound exciting. regardless ... it's quiet. i'll take what i can get!