ask me what i did today ...

announcement time:

i'm pregnant!!

bwahahahahah ... just kidding. seriously. that's not even funny.

just wanted to get your attention.

a couple of weeks ago i got the sweetest email from beth williams, editor of memory makers. she invited me to be one of the contributing editors for 2009!!


i'll be writing a column on telling your story ... my guess is it'll be a tie-in to this little project:


my plan at this point is to start a series of once-a-week prompts and challenges. maybe "writerly wednesdays" or "storytelling saturdays" or "thesaurus thursdays" ... the last one is a joke. unless you like it. then it's not.

thoughts? any interest? someone want to start a list of who will provide snacks each week?

fellow '07 masters and all-around amazingly wonderful women katrina simeck and crystal jeffrey rieger will also be putting their fingerprints on each issue of the magazine as contributing editors. their talent has been no-fail inspiration for me over the past two years, and i'm so glad we're onto this new endeavor together!

so that's it. that's the news. let me know if you'd like a journaling problem discussed and addressed here, and i'll add it to the list of stuff to write about on "treatise tuesday" ... i mean, "script & scrawl saturday" ... "memoir monday" ...



OMG- you totally had me, lol!Congratulations on your new job and BOOK. I am dying to see it, when will it be out? I look forward to your columns.

emily (justem)

Congrats Michele! :)


Wow, what a great gig. Congratulations to you!

jenn emch

Michele, that is fantastic news! Congrats! I can't wait to see you book too!


Way to go! Now I must renew my sub.


Hot damn! Congratulations! I like Memoir Mondays too. :)




Bwahaha! I love using that on people....although it might eventually be true so I should probably shut up eh?

congrats to you on being a contributing editor. Sounds amazing. Now I will have to watch for you. hehe


Congrats!! What a fabulous opportunity..


congrats! that is fantastic news!

Lisa Dickinson

big congrats! that's so awesome (and well deserved!)


Good Grief! I almost choked on a pistachio...

My vote is for Memoir Mondays.


Susan Beth Breuner

Congrats on that invite! What an honor for you! I actually enjoy the journaling part of scrapbooking, my biggest problem isn't telling the story, but making a place on the page to put it.

Barb N.

Congrats, Michele!

Diana (moonlightgrrl)

OH EM GEE!!! what awesome news. i might have to sub to MM now!


Even though I've already said, I'll say it again....Congrats!


Congrats!! That is so awesome, and you are too! Is that your book cover--it looks so cool?? When is it coming out??

(I always forget I can post here! I'm gonna do a better job of dropping in to chat!)

catherine feegel-erhardt

proud to be your grandma!
miss you

Aleida Franklin

Argh. You're wrong, you had me going for a minute.

Congrats you know, that is awesome. Happy for you Michele.

carol :)

Now that I have the diet coke washed off my screen....Congrats! Can't wait to see the fruits of your labors. So happy for you my friend!

Sassy Stuff

Congrats... so glad I was there when it was announced out loud!
love this idea for the magazine and can't WAIT to see your new book!


Oooh!!! Congratulations on your new position! You are PERFECT for this column! This might be the tipping point for me to purchase a few MM magazines!


I'm in for Writerly Wednesdays, lol...or what ever.


whoo hooo!
soooo awesome! they are lucky to have you!


WAHOOO! Congratulations!!!

(I am so behind on everything this summer!!!)

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