yes, i made the enchiladas.
i promised you enchiladas, didn't i?

welcome our new addition to the family!

the muscle car. the man car. marc's new toy. oh, there's sure to be trouble ahead.


he tried to pick it up after a lunch meeting, but didn't have the official title from his old car. so he had to leave empty-handed. but not before the sales guy rubbed some serious salt in the wound:

"man, what a car! we had to take a photo of this baby!"
"we've sold some nice cars ... audis, bmws ... but THIS is a cool car!"
"we saw the rain coming, so we pulled it into the garage. don't want to get it wet!"
i know you can't take it home right now but ... "wanna sit in it?"

these men were just giddy. like little boys. over a stinkin' CAR!

but to be fair, it was a car that's new with tags ...


had only 10 little miles on it ...


and really IS pretty freakin' cool.

IMG_0717 IMG_0719

and sexy. did i mention sexy? totally, unequivocally sexy. crazy hot.


oh yes. marc's a happy boy. finally, after almost 20 years of driving, he has a car that all 6'4" of him fits into comfortably. and he has a car that HE picked out. and researched exhaustively. and watched every youtube video about until he was convinced that it was the right move instead of waiting another year or two for the bmw he wanted that costs as much as our first house did.

hopefully he can finally sleep tonight. he's been restless all week, waiting for this thing to get here. it's been like the week before christmas to a five-year-old. but tonight? all through dinner he kept smiling. it was like bette midler in "beaches," when she says to her date:

"enough about me. what do YOU think of me?"

but with marc it was,

"are we going to talk about anything besides your car tonight?" "nope."

okay. fair enough. he can have his fun.

and fun will be had, to be sure.

(we put 70 miles on it tonight just "driving to dinner." if that isn't fun ... well ... nothing is!)




LOL...when we were talking about this at CHA, i thought he was just *talking* about it! I didn't think he was going to actually do it! Congrats Marc!!

jenn emch

He will love it! My DH is 6'3 and has the same car! Very comfy! OH and sexy!

alex hardy

how EXCITING! have fun cruising around in it!


Now that is love! :o) Congrats on the new hot car.

Nicole Harper

i think i love that last pic the best, lol...what a hoot. i was SO glad to meet you at CHA...i would have loved to talk with your forever!!


Danielle (vtpuggirl)

That's love I tell ya! It is a cool car. :)

Tara Van Moorsel

Soooo jealous! What a beautiful ride!


Congrats! Absolutely gorgeous (and the car too....LOL).


that IS a cool car!


So nice to see a reward for all your hard work!


Love the new car! Marc looks pretty dang cute with his new love too.


Congrats! You can fit a whole lotta scrapbook stuff in that rig..just kidding!


My hubs doesn't fit in that car. . .he's 6'7". He was sad when he tried to get in and the top of his head almost hit the roof. He had to settle on a Volvo. :) I didn't show him this because he'd be mad about being too tall again.

Susan Weinroth

i love the last pic...
so cute!

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