i'm back. really.
we interrupt this blog for a severe weather alert ...

trip, in three parts. part 1 ensues:

okay. at some point i need to stop whining and throwing things because of major photograph problems from june and being away. time to suck it up, post quick recaps (for the two of you out there who might be interested), and just get on with life. like a bandaid - time to just bite my lip and pull. so ... here we go.

week one of the trip looked something like this:

RszIMG_9371 RszIMG_9365 RszIMG_9373
marc left monday for chicago. kids and i left thursday for chicago. while marc worked friday, kids and i walked to ed debevic's for lunch (henry, very impressed. harper, not as much.) then swam at the hotel. marc got off work, we drove to indy to his parents' house.

saturday morning, we left not-so-bright (sun wasn't up yet ... ugh) and early for boston. arrived to perfect weather, and marc's uncle saying, "let's go see cape cod!" uh, okay. no arm twisting needed.

cape cod looked like this:

IMG_9448 copy RszIMG_9382
RszIMG_9402 RszIMG_9384
RszIMG_9425 RszIMG_9467
i'll put up a whole album at some point. maybe today.

anyway, cape cod was lovely. all the grayed, cedar-sided cottages and azalea bushes at big as a house. amazing. we got the five-penny tour, with stops in yarmouth port, rock harbor, and chatham. fish and chips for lunch in a little fishing shack. multi-million dollar "cottages" perched on a cliff overlooking the water. sea lions bobbing in the water by a fishing boat, hoping for a hand-out. a great day.

RszIMG_9489 we stayed the rest of the week in acton, mass. with marc's aunt and uncle. sunday we got to spend at fenway for a special father's day open house. very cool. wish i had most of my photos ... marc's ibook is holding them hostage. visualize the field, marc and his aunt trying on a replica world series ring that was basically the size of their hands, the world series trophies, a guy with dreads down to his knees, marc's uncle being "knighted" by the ted williams status ... they're great pix. maybe i'll get them back someday.

IMG_9583 we caught the train into boston every day, and while marc worked, i survived on my own resources. i'm still here, so i guess it worked.




monday was the museum of fine arts. what a beautiful way to kill a day!! the el greco exhibit was totally worth the price of admission (even though i borrowed pam's guest card and didn't, in fact, have to pay the price of admission ...), and i was happy as a clam wandering through all the different rooms and displays and exhibits. since my last visit to an art museum, i've become much more versed in using light to make a picture, and seeing how artists from hundreds of years ago "used" light was awe-inspiring.

IMG_9571 IMG_9572
IMG_9577 IMG_9579

tuesday was my day to poke around concord, mass. jack and i visited the bridge where the first shots of the revolutionary war occurred, and i learned that it was actually ralph waldo emerson's grandfather who lived on the property and bore witness. crazy cool. after that, jack headed home, and i walked to louisa may alcott's house, the concord museum, emerson's house, sleepy hollow cemetery and author's ridge to pay respects to alcott, emerson, thoreau, and hawthorne, then into concord to poke around the shops until pam picked me up when she finished her day at work. it was wonderful, and again the weather was perfect, and again ... i'm missing half the photos. everything after the entrance to the cemetery is gone. all i can guess is that marc missed a folder when he was uploading pix that night. yes, i'm sick about it. yes, i'm perturbed. yes, i learned my lesson to never let someone else be in control of my media cards. but i do still have some pix.

IMG_9585 IMG_9590
IMG_9593 IMG_9596 IMG_9597 IMG_9600

i'll stop here, because if i'm upset about losing pix from tuesday, i'm even more sad about wednesday. i'll deal with that later. and i'll deal with a full photo album later, too. or at least, what i can actually put together from all the photos that still remain of the trip ...



Danielle (vtpuggirl)

Well the pics you do have are breathtaking! It's hard to lose some though, hugs!


What an amazing, amazing experience. So jealous. I dream of taking an adventure like that someday. All that history!

Lisa Dickinson

these photos are wonderful! i know, it still sucks to lose any, but I'd say you have a pretty good vacation recap there!

Susan Beth Breuner

Sorry you lost some, but the photos you do have are great! Sounds like a good vacation so far!


Well I'm 5th so there's more than 2 interested...

You have such a good eye Michele, your photos always have that "something" that makes them so visually interesting.

I've heard we need to spend some time in Boston before we move (not that we're going anywhere yet) but I hadn't really put much thought into it...now it's on the list!


Fantastic pics!! Sorry you lost some, but what you do have are awesome!

Barb N.

Okay. I'm headed to Bean-town for a conference Friday - Wednesday. I'm officially excited after seeing your picture. I only wish my conference included a trip to the Cape.


After reading and seeing your atrip I'm sitting here in Bloomington wanting to hit the road. Think work would miss me for a week or so? I better call and let them in that I may be late. :o)

Thanks for the wonderful photos!


these are great michelle!

p.s. the house next door to me went for sale today!


So sorry that you lost some pics but the ones you have are awesome!!


So sad about lost photos - but the ones you DO have are pretty spectacular! Glad you survived and it really sounds like a heavenly vacation.

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