i'm off like a prom dress.
trip, in three parts. part 1 ensues:

i'm back. really.

back from chicago/indy/boston/indy/huntington. had a blast. saw great friends. experienced an nba victory parade. lost a day and a half of very special photos ... sigh. saw my parents' new house. survived the trip.

and now it's officially summer vacation. got the kiddos signed up for a few activities. took them to the pool today. got sunburned on the areas of my back that i couldn't reach. harper was seriously miffed that one has to be 42" tall and able to swim unassisted in order to go down the water slide. and now it's 12:12 a.m. and marc and i are still up and working on our respective computers.

in other words, we're back to normal.

i'll go through pix tomorrow and try to recap the trip as soon as possible. but there's target to visit, pools to swim in, piles of laundry to address, and a house to dust and vacuum. blogging will happen when it happens.

but i'm back. really. and wanted you to know.



Welcome home!
My kiddos are doing swimming lessons too! We are in our second session, and this time, I chose the 5:30pm class. NIGHTMARE. What a horrible time of day, and what total chaos. Never again!
I want to see photos, and I want to be reminded of what happened with the yob mon. Are you moving or staying put? I'm guessing you decided to stay?


So good to to have you back!
Can't wait to see photos!!


Glad to have you back, Michele! I hope you are at the beach today with sunblock covering every inch of you. :o)


I am glad to here you are all home safe and sound. I am waiting for your treasure to come out. Do you have any delivery dates yet? I am going to be a grandma in 6 weeks to a little boy. maybe you can give me some photo tips.


Glad you are back...I could use a Caribou/A's trip!

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