still a liar. that's me.
the squirrelinator

it's beginning to look a lot like ...

april. no, seriously, it's april. regardless of what my deck looked like this morning.


never fear ... it'll be gone by thursday.

so, hey. i'm back. california/disney were really really great. the kids had a blast, it was so nice to see marc for more than 36 hours at a time, the weather was perfect (though a tad warm ... we're not ready for 74 degrees yet. blech.), and it all went way too fast.

the flight out was good ... left at dinnertime, so the rugrats had to have a picnic dinner en route (subway - turkey & cheese sandwiches, doritos, cookies, juice boxes). we arrived in cali and got our bags ... and missed a hotel bus by 10 minutes. so, 50 minutes of waiting later, we were *finally* able to get on the way to the anaheim hilton. the ride took 45 minutes, and harper finally crashed about 10 minutes into the ride (by this time it was about 11 p.m. minnesota time). we got to the hilton, checked in, then the little desk man had to leave to see if our room was clean. um, excuse me? why wouldn't it be clean?! but whatever. by this point, harper was awake and M.A.D., so i had to eventually strong-arm another little desk guy into finding out just what was the hold up with getting into our room. five minutes later we had keys and were on our way.

5 a.m. the next morning - and no, i'm not kidding - the kids were up and ready to go. ugh. we convinced them to stay in bed another hour, but that was it. then we were off. we hit california adventures the first day because harper's big dinner with the princesses would be held there that evening. oh my. princesses. harper was in her element the minute she saw her first gift shop.

marc and i decided pretty early in the day that splitting up was the only way to make sure everyone had fun. while he and henry hit some rides, harper and i walked around and saw the sights. and went shopping for a princess dress of her own to wear to dinner. she made a bee-line for the tinkerbell dress and shoes the minute she laid eyes on them.

i have to say here that the princess dinner, while not totally yummy, was a hoot. seeing harper light up and basically go ballistic every time a new princess was introduced was probably the highlight of the trip for me.

Img_7195 Img_7210 Img_7214 Img_7219 Img_7220

the next day was disneyland, and again we separated. marc and henry hit some rides, harper and i headed to the princess realm to see if we could find mulan. when we discovered that the line in to see the princesses was 90 minutes long, we gave up and got her face painted instead. tinkerbell, of course.

we got some bad information about going to legoland, so that didn't happen. didn't really feel like putting the kids in a two-hour-each-way bus ride, spend the day in another crazy park, and have to stop at an office on the way to pay a $1/person surcharge. how stupid. instead, we got two more days at the park, and spent more time exploring every nook and cranny.

it was a blast.

you know those disney commercials where the parents turn into kids as they run around the park with their children? it was totally like that. we all laughed and had a great time. the only downside was that henry didn't get picked to take part in the jedi training academy. curses. we forgot to bring the banner ... that would have done it.

but, amazingly, we actually want to go back. in five years. so it must have been okay.

see for yourself - pix. cuz you know me well.


catherine feegel-erhardt

1. glad you had fun
2. spring break 2009... florida!
3. where was princess leah?(sp)
4. photos are great!
5. mark needs to learn how to take some so you are in them too.
6. spring break 2009... florida!


Seriously girl you have been much too prolific in the week or so between your arrival home and mine! I was starting to think you didn't post the pictures from your trip, silly me!

LOVE that shot of Harp with the facepaint, she is so dang adorable. And I really wanted Brooke to be small enough to go to the Bibbi-Bobbity Botique and get all princesses up, did that have that at DL or is it just DW? Anyway at 12 she is not much interested in being princesses up and I was sad!

What a fun trip! I haven't posted my pics yet, but I promise I will soon.

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