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how can this end badly?


marc was in chicago earlier this week so i decided the kids and i should make a cake.
harper loved the beater, obviously ...


and then we got henry in on the game to help decorate.


they oh so carefully sprinkled on stars and jimmies in a pleasing configuration of sugar.


they got along swimmingly and shared the task quite well.


hey! no eating the sprinkles, miss harper!


heck with this, says harp. i'm dumping these puppies on.
note the eldest-child "that's not how we do it!" look of horror on henry's face.

and what did we do with such a lovely confection?
we ate if for dinner, of course. exclusively.
cuz i'm all about being "fun mommy" every so often.

how can that be bad?

well, maybe by the sugar overload-caused nightmares that kept harper awake and screaming from 2 a.m. till 5 a.m. that night. and the off-kilter-ness it caused the next day. thus leading to me locking us out of the house at the exact minute i had to leave to pick up henry from nasa camp.

luckily my friend traci came over with her van and offered to watch harper while i drove with her two boys to pick up henry. and luckily my neighbor across the street is a "been there done that" kind of guy and was able to jimmy our front door open in about three seconds flat.

and luckily we'd baked that cake. traci took a third of it home as payment for her troubles, as did my handy neighbor.

no more sugar highs.
and no more "fun mommy." it's not a natural role for me.
when i was "fun mommy" with henry, he ended up in the emergency room. when i tried it with harper, none of us slept.
i need to stick to my role as "keeps everyone in line no matter how not fun it really is" mommy.
i'll let daddy pay the price for being the fun one.
that's the way it should be.