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and no, i'm not pregnant. heaven forbid. if that was the case, there would be a certain urologist in edina, minnesota who would be given the opportunity to sew his own back on.

by nesting i mean that i'm crazy with houses right now. well, more than usual, i'll say.

i've always been nuts for houses. when i was little i'd steal my mom's country living magazines and reproduce the floor plans on a legal pad, and then draw in where i would put furniture and makes lists of what colors i'd paint each room. yes, so geeky. i know.

as i got older and discovered the paint chip aisle at the hardware store, my fun increased two-fold.

then i got the internet. realty web sites!! home decorating sites!! behr paint web site!! oh my.

and now it's all in high gear again because of this idea of moving. we're fairly done with doing stuff to our current house, now that the bedroom is perfect and just before we start in on the bathrooms. so of course it's time to start redecorating mentally homes i don't even live in. yet.

while in indiana last week we met with a realtor and took a tour of the indy suburb, carmel. we were both so impressed. a beautiful town center where they hold july 4th parades and santa visits each christmas. an amazing new park and rec center, complete with an outdoor pool and water park, is just being completed. a hip new shopping district with great stores and restaurants. there's definite promise there. and then we looked at houses.

oh. my. word.

for what our 2400 sq foot ranch in minneapolis cost, we could live in 4000 sq feet of new house with amenities and sought-after school districts. seriously.

then marc and i saw this house:

Indyhouse4400 square feet of pure possibility. granted, it would take a good wad of cash to fix up the downstairs, which is way too chunked up and wearing the finest in 1980 decor, but marc and i both walked through it giggling. we could see it's potential. and it's priced low in a neighborhood of homes that can sell for up to a million dollars ... we'd be buying money with this house. it's been on the market since january, and we decided then and there that if it's still on the market this january, we'll take it as a sign that we're meant to have it. and then the playing around with knocking down walls and replacing flooring can commence!

and today i saw another sign and the nesting urge kicked in again.

there is a blog i check in on semi-frequently because the author, susanna, is a fellow scrapper, but more than that she is always colorful and inspiring. today i popped in for the first time in awhile and saw that she had finally finished a dollhouse that she's been working on for months. and the dollhouse looks amazingly like the house in carmel that we are obsessed with smitten with interested in. coincidence??

check it out.

i love dollhouses ... it's a fascination that began with the barbie dream house when i was five, and i had more fun decorating it and setting barbie's table than actually playing. then in sixth grade i took a field trip to the indianapolis children's museum, where i wandered into the miniatures room and was hooked. all things miniature make me smile, which is another reason why i love susanna's blog so much. she makes her own and sells them in an etsy shop. one day i'll snatch up some stuff just to tuck away and bring me some happy.

for now, i guess i'll go wade through months of scrappy supplies that need to be sorted and filed and organized. it's not daydreaming about gutting a house to make it amazing, but it is a sort of nesting, in a very small and way-past-necessary way.

sigh. i love weddings.

especially weddings that are held outdoors on a perfect spring day, in the most amazingly tranquil and stunning location imaginable, and are so obviously full of love and authenticity and personality.
Bird_2 Chives_4 Hydrangea_2 Statue_2

that was nisa and ben's wedding on sunday. pure fun and joy and perfection.

Cottage_3 the wedding was held at camrose hill in stillwater, where i now want to live for the rest of my life. my lovely friend jessica was my date for the evening - she was without husband, he being in north carolina with the kids and all, and i chose to leave mine behind because, quite honestly, i knew i'd probably have more fun with jes. she bravely followed me on a quest to find a sandwich shop in downtown stillwater ... marc had bought me the yummiest pesto chicken salad sandwich for lunch last fall while i was shooting a wedding in stillwater and i was determined to find it again. thanksfully, marc remembered that it was a block up from the main drag ... directions that proved good enough. we both ordered the sandwich and yes, it really was the best one ever.

then we drove around until we found camrose, took our seats behind our other lovely friend, susan, who actually DID bring her charming husband, eric, and her adorable baby bump. once the wedding began, we became paparazzi row ... being the scrappers that we are ... snapping madly and at odd angles. i'm sure the real photographer was thrilled with us.

the ceremony was wonderful and so very nisa & ben - casual, child-friendly, silly, totally loving, completely unique. i mean really, an accoustic version of britney spears' "hit me baby one more time"? classic. kristi did a beautiful reading from "captain corelli's mandolin" and had a hard time keeping from crying ... and laughing. and the kids ... flower girls picking bugs out of nisa's skirt, windmill-carrying ty holding the toy up in nisa and ben's faces ... priceless. and totally expected. we were all smiling and crying at the same time.

Flowergirls Jess Selfportrait_2
Seats Sande_2
after the ceremony jes, susan and i were taking photos of everything, including a group portrait in a garden ball. totally flattering. we wandered down a path to the barn for the reception, where we ate yummy food, talked a mile a minute, and watched the group from comedy sportz entertain the guests. laughed till i cried. nisa donned a hoodie - so like her! - and ben watched her with such a look of love in his eyes. really ... isn't that what the groom is supposed to do? it was all so fun and light-hearted.

then things mellowed and we headed to a bonfire, where the small group of us who were remaining sat around and chatted and tried to stay warm. around 2 a.m. we finally decided we'd better head out ... i ended up having to drop off kirsten at her hotel because her hubby accidentally took her car keys, and taking kristi home with me to sleep for an hour and a half on my couch before running her to the airport at 5 a.m. yikes. even more yikes when i sort of turned left on a red while half asleep and trying to the airport ... luckily kristi's from nyc and totally used to insane drivers.

despite the lack of sleep, i had the best time. jes proved to be a perfect date - we even unknowingly color coordinated our outfits ... it was like fate or something. ha ha - and the wedding itself was gorgeous. i'm so happy for nisa and ben and can't wait to see them blossom into an old married couple!!
Nandb Nandkla
Nisa_2 Cake_2
Cakekiss_2 Nklajess_2

try to keep up.

i guarantee you this post has no point, no cohesiveness, nor a moral. it's just stuff because it's been so long since i've written about, well, anything, really.

first, hope all you moms out there had a beautiful mother's day. and for those of you who lack offspring, i hope you were appropriately respectful of what your mother went through to grow, birth, and raise you. motherhood can be hell. it deserves a holiday. still trying to figure out the angle on "father's day" ... ha ha.

51307b i got to sleep in until 8 ... yes, ladies and germs, 8! beat that. i was woken up with a cute handmade card and an iou for an ott lamp and new earbuds for my ipod and some loverly yellow flowers. we had reservations for breakfast at 9, which had to be pushed back until 9:30 ... it took us awhile to get around. we got there, the waitress was all chipper and cute, mentioned something about mimosas and i was all, "yes!" then she asked for my ID. because, obviously i had henry when i was 12. well, as per usual when someone else drives and pays, i didn't have my wallet with me. i got some apologetic look from the waitress and she lamely offered juice. and i started to cry. on mother's day. because i couldn't have liquor for breakfast. now, quite honestly, it has more to say about my mental state right now and lack of sleep than my need for alcohol. really. but regardless, it put a dark cloud over breakfast, which was actually quite yummy.

we got home and i immediately went back to bed for, oh, two and a half hours. woke up feeling like myself again and hung out outside while marc attacked the crapbox neglected inherited sandbox in the back yard. since we may/will probably/will possibly move to indiana next year, we've decided to do the quick & dirty thing and just spread grass seed on the spot where the sandbox was. increase our yard by 60 square feet. so he did that while henry rode his bike and harper and i played in the yard. then i got out the sprinkler and they were happy with that for about 20 minutes. harper appears to still be phobic of spraying water, go figure.

51307_2 then we showered and headed into edina for dinner at tejas. so very yum. i got pan-seared australian barramundi with hickory-smoked tomato broth and braised asparugus and a side of saffron rice with corn and black beans. wow. and the kids both ate well (even harper!) and were good for two hours. we even scored free salsa from the general manager as a special mother's day treat. then we walked around outside for awhile so i could take pix of the midgets ... and even got marc to take ONE photo of me with the kids. wow. one. i was even almost ready. dude needs to learn a few things about taking photos for a wife who scrapbooks.

anyway, it was a nice day.

okay ... movin' right along.

i've decided that there is a serious problem with the world and have a modest proposal to make (and no, it doesn't involve eating babies. and a rockin' RAK to the first person who can correctly identify what i mean by that.). here's my thought: retail america - you need to open your doors for business at 9 a.m. please. because see all those moms driving around aimlessly from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m.? they've been up and at it since 6 a.m., they've schlepped a kid or three to school, they've hit the grocery store or the gym. but what they really want is to buy a basket at ikea or a new pair of shorts at the mall, which can't be done until 10 a.m., by which time the child who got up at 6 is ready for her nap and there goes all errand-running. would it kill a store to open an hour earlier? it would make our lives so, so much easier. and while we're on the subject, why does the children's dentist only work hours in which the child, in order to get his teeth cleaned, must actually MISS school? whose brilliant idea what that??

okay. enough of that, too.

onto more important things like, oh, maybe a kickin' lost theory??

i had an epiphany while watching lost the other night. i think there is a "father" element to the story. think about it: every character has father issues. jack and his father. claire and her absent father (who, incidentally, is jack's father). hurley and his father. locke and his father, who also happens to be the man behind the reason why sawyer's father killed himself and sawyer's mother. kate and her step-father. sun and jin and sun's father. ben and his father. really, they ALL have father issues. and then at the end, locke meets "jacob." could jacob been seen as the "father" of the others? and biblically, jacob had many sons but favored one. the others got jealous and tried to kill the favorite son. one took pity and saved him, and he went on to rule egypt. um, did anyone else catch that? the OTHERS tried to kill the ONE (locke, perhaps?), but one of the OTHERS saved him (ben, maybe?). and he went on to save many? (saving all the other survivors?) will locke live and be the redemption for everyone? i've felt since the first episode that locke would be the key (ooh, how i love a beautiful literary play on words!!) to the whole thing.

who's with me? seriously, think about it for awhile. let it roll around in your head. i have a feeling i'm on to something. or all those years of "critical literature" and whatnot are finally catching up with me and i can no longer watch anything without looking for allegory and foreshadowing. or maybe i'm just trying desperately to make television smarter than it really is.

on that note, i finally finished season one of grey's anatomy. holy crap. why didn't anyone tell me about this show last year??? oh wait ... i remember ... i was so burned by years of loyalty to er and couldn't stomache another medical show. oh well. now i know and am HOOKED.

have i officially lost you with this? i get it. i'll stop now. we head to indiana on friday for some family schtuff - marc's dad is giving the keynote address at graduation at his alma mater, huntington university, and will receive an honorary doctorate. i'm still trying to find someone to watch my kids and marc's sister's little girl so we can all be there for roger without dealing with grumpy, antsy kids. another modest proposal: colleges, when you have an event such as a graduation, how 'bout offering child care so people traveling to celebrate their loved ones can do so without the aggrevation of little ones?? i mean, hello?? has no one thought of this before?

no, for real, i'll stop now.

the room! she is done!!

(well, if you count not having the molding up yet, not having nightstands yet, and not having photos in the frames yet "done". still trying to decide whether to hang the big black frame over the bed or leave it where it is and get smaller black frames for the bed wall ... what do you think?)


okay ... so i'm not so good at the panoramic. regardless ...

what do you think?? not too shabby, eh? i'm so, so beyond words happy with it.

Room1 Room2 Room3

and we finished not a moment too soon, either. marc came home yesterday and basically said, if we might have to move to indiana next year, why would we wait? why wouldn't we just try to sell this summer and move before henry starts school in the fall?

um. okay.

but i'm trying not to think about it. i'm trying to just enjoy and soak in the loveliness that is my nice, white, not purple anymore room.


i'd like to thank restoration hardware, pottery barn, bed bath & beyond, target, home depot, and ikea for making it all possible. and my handy dad, for building the amazing bed that got the whole ball rolling.

i'm gonna go look at my room now.

prayers and peace.

our friend mark passed away last night. if you're the praying kind, or are spiritual in any way, please lift up his wife, ruth, and their two daughters. they're going to need much rest and hope after the months of watching their beloved husband and father fade away.

peace, mark. we're lucky to have known you.

a funny story! opa!!

(a diversion from waiting for the room ... what a novel idea!)

we know my youngest doesn't eat. that's a documented fact. for the longest time, all she actually would eat was hummus, on fingers, straight from the container. what can i say, it was protein.

which makes this little story particularly interesting.

we were at a play date on friday and all the mommies brought little snacks to share. after the kiddos had played for awhile, we headed to the kitchen to refuel. all the kids were taking muffins, fruit, crackers. but my daughter spied the plate of assorted baklava and decided that was for her. i was doubtful it would ever even get past the "sticky on the fingers" test, but to my surprise she ate a bite. and then inhaled the rest of it and asked for more.

"more baklava?!" i asked her, shocked.
"ba-kava!" harper laughed, delighted.
and she ate yet another piece. at which point i cut her off. how much butter and sugar does a two-year-old need at 11 a.m.?

but for the next three days, all the girl would talk about is baklava. "ba-kava" this and "ba-kava" that. at night before bed, we would say our prayers, end with amen, and harper would say, "amen, ba-kava." she'd wake in the morning and the first thing she'd say to me is, "more ba-kava?"

i just had to laugh. hard. it was hilarious.

think we need to talk daddy into going to santorini's for dinner this week ... baby needs some hummus and baklava!

room watch 5.1.07

you NEED an update, right?

ha ha

Rszmarioonbed painting - done.
carpet - done.
dresser - done.
bed painted - done.
new blinds - done.
curtains - ordered
wall lamps - bought
table lamp - on the way
molding - not yet
art on walls - not yet
bedding - in the wash

so we're getting there. hopefully by the end of the weekend i'll be ready to show you the whole room. and then we can all move on with our lives.

but for all the dragging out of it, it's gorgeous and peaceful and i'm so, so happy with it!