the calm, and the not so much
this is me.

shameless consumerism post

1. restoration hardware paint. wow. the colors are gorgeous and this stuff spreads on like a dream. wowie wow. so glad i forked over the cash and took a chance, cuz it's been making me happy happy to paint the room.

2. pringles spicy guacamole chips. the look is repulsive, like some snack that's been sitting on miss havisham's table for fifty years. the flavor is a combination of slightly repulsive and surprisingly addictive. try them ... you'll see what i mean.

3. land's end swimsuits. i've been a speedo girl since forever, but i tried my first land's end suit this week and man! so, so comfortable and supportive! and dang cute. go figure.

4. heidi grace's new lines. gorgeous. the bits of glitter, the flocking, the colors. perfection. really.

5. hem. yes. accoustic. folksy. orchestral. bluegrassy. lovely.

6. crate & barrel glass storage containers. after all i've been reading about how horrible plastics are to the environment and to our health, and the links between the rise in cancers and our use of plastic storage containers, i've switched to glass. and these babies are killer. love them long time.

i'll stop there. what are you buying these days?



Unfortunately I'm not buying much right now. But the good news will be we will have paid off one of Tom's student loans in June...hurray!!

July I am shopping like a mad woman...don't tell Tom, ha!

Angela Daniels aka SpiderGirl

Did you just say "miss havisham?!" First Jessica S with her PG Wodehouse reference and now this. I need friends like you ladies ot have coffee with. Mine all talk about the Gap. lol.

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