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anticipation ...


(does anyone else remember this song or am i just that old?)

Roomwcarpet i'm sitting here at the computer, watching the clock, eating some amazing leftover gaeng panang (red curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, peanuts, thai basil leaves and broccoli, in case you can't translate thai), and eagerly awaiting that knock on the door that says, "hi! i'm the action mover guy! i have your amazingly phenomenally gorgeous and yet highly practical and functional dresser! where would you like it?"

while i want mr. mover guy to show up five minutes ago so i can start putting away 18 months' two weeks' worth of laundry while basking in the beauty that is my new dresser in my freshly painted, no longer purple room, i sort of want him to wait until about 3:00, so harper can get in a nap. i hate the "we'll see you between midnight and 8 p.m" line ... yes, i can so plan my day around that. i did call this morning and the guy said that between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. is most likely, so hopefully it'll be the latter and harper can get some rest.

but regardless of when he arrives, won't it look lovely, sitting in that space on the wall adjacent to the window? there is a 72" clearance between the corner and the other window ... and the dresser is 70.75". coincidence? i think not. and this weekend, the molding between the two wall colors will be added, the new mattress will arrive, i'll start hanging pix, and we'll order the blinds and curtains.

i love it when the end is finally in sight!!

and as soon as this room is done, i'll start writing more pithy and thought-provoking blog material again. right now, i'm preoccupied. you can understand, right? i mean, my room has been the color of a bruise for more than two years. i'm high on white right now.

shameless consumerism post

1. restoration hardware paint. wow. the colors are gorgeous and this stuff spreads on like a dream. wowie wow. so glad i forked over the cash and took a chance, cuz it's been making me happy happy to paint the room.

2. pringles spicy guacamole chips. the look is repulsive, like some snack that's been sitting on miss havisham's table for fifty years. the flavor is a combination of slightly repulsive and surprisingly addictive. try them ... you'll see what i mean.

3. land's end swimsuits. i've been a speedo girl since forever, but i tried my first land's end suit this week and man! so, so comfortable and supportive! and dang cute. go figure.

4. heidi grace's new lines. gorgeous. the bits of glitter, the flocking, the colors. perfection. really.

5. hem. yes. accoustic. folksy. orchestral. bluegrassy. lovely.

6. crate & barrel glass storage containers. after all i've been reading about how horrible plastics are to the environment and to our health, and the links between the rise in cancers and our use of plastic storage containers, i've switched to glass. and these babies are killer. love them long time.

i'll stop there. what are you buying these days?

the calm, and the not so much

first coat of each shade of white is up in the bedroom, and today i got these:
lovely. just lovely. can't wait to snuggle up in a room that is clean and crisp and mellow.

unlike my scrapping area. i finally got cupboards and counters and storage, but have i yet had a chance to really put stuff away and streamline the process? nope. so it currently looks like this:
Rszdesk1 Rszdesk2
Rszdesk3_2 mass chaos, indeed.

a stack for classes i'm teaching in winnipeg.
a stack for classes i'm teaching in grand rapids.
a stack of newly received stuff from manufacturers.
a stack of newly purchased goodies.
flotsam from recently completed projects.
all haphazardly stacked and/or scattered.

maybe i can get it under constrol this weekend.
plus i have to hang these babies behind my computer ... maybe they'll help a little, too. yeah. maybe.

while i love to have things in their own places and work better when i know where stuff is, i also have the misfortune of feeling more creative when i see little piles of goodies laying here and there. i just want to dig in and start touching stuff.

organization is good, but i'm always afraid of messing things up. i'd rather live my life and enjoy the mess than be so worried with keeping stuff cleaned and picked up that i avoid getting my hands dirty.

how screwed up is that?? yeah, that's me. screwed up.

buh-bye, purple.



two coats of primer later, the room is now white.

blissfully, cleanly, un-purply white.

more updates later.

on an unrelated note, i just want to express my deep sadness and sympathy for those affected by the shootings at virginia tech. man. what a horrible, tragic thing.
what is wrong with this world??

randomness, illustrated

Cvssmellingflowers 1. when making lunch, be sure to keep an eye on the kitchen table. especially if you've just bought a bouquet of pretty flowers and have a little girl who really wants to smell the flowers. because before you know it, said little girl will be sitting on the table, smelling the flowers, and giggling like mad. and it'll be funny, and it'll be a great photo op, but then the little girl will get very bitter when you remove her from the table and forbid her from climbing up again, even though it was really cute the first time.

Cvsbodyshop 2. when you run out of body wash, make sure it's on a day that you don't have plans to go to target, but rather your morning will be spent at the mall. because then you can go into the body shop and buy some almond shower gel, thereby spending $10 on a small bottle of perfection versus $3 on an economy-sized bottle of something that promises soft and moisturized skin but really just delivers bumps on your arms and itchy legs, shae butter notwithstanding. this will be money better spent, i promise.

Thestory_2 3. remember the little psa i gave you a few months ago, that brandi carlile's new cd would be out soon? okay. it's out. it's great. go buy it. now.

Cvsmario 4. when the ferocious lion is sitting watch, surveying his territory, demanding respect and fear, one must move cautiously and avoid the wrath of the great cat at all costs ... bwahahah ... just kidding. mario got another hair cut. this time they shaved his tail, too. he looks really thrilled, doesn't he? poor kitty ... knocked a little wind out of his sails this time, we did. hee hee.

i dare you not to laugh.

watch this. and then we'll discuss.

okay. so yeah, i loved alanis in her early 90s girl angst phase. what high school girl didn't? but then i fell hard when she played god in dogma. so, so great.

and now this. oh yeah. it's priceless. and take the words out and it's just a lovely song.

way to go, girlfriend.