Ever put your foot in your mouth?

The Quotable Henry

While driving to some friends' house for dinner on Sunday, Henry wanted to pretend our SUV was the Millenium Falcon. He's obsessed with Star Wars, if I haven't mentioned.

His words to us:

"Daddy, you be Han Solo. Mommy, you be Princess Leia. And Harper ... you can be Chewbacca."

Visions of how Henry will "play" with his little sister now dancing scarily in my head.



chewbaca?? how old is this kid?

that is SO funny...SO funny. :)

Ruth AKers

Ok. This friggin cracks me up. I love it. OUr kids could so hang out.

Jennifer Stewart

LOL! I get told that I'm Princess Leia all the time...and then get the big, "MOMMY!" whine when I don't do it *right.* ;) Your photobar is GORGEOUS.


Susan (MC mom)

Marshall and Henry would so get along! He is another Star wars freak and Cole always gets the not so heroic roles, he always seems to be Darth vader in Marshall's mind. I guess it is a good thing Cole also loves Star Wars! Just wait!


That's hysterical!

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