Ever put your foot in your mouth?
It's begun.

Lisa Russo made me grumpy.

Well, maybe "grumpy" is too strong a word. Envious? Frustrated?  Wistful?

She posted on her blog today that her husband is Mister Get It Done Right Now guy. He gets a project and chop-chops, apparently. She decided on stuff for her baby's nursery and lo! it's getting done!!

Which prompted a trip down memory lane for me ... remembering all the whip-cracking I had to do to get Marc to help me out with the nursery for Harper. And how I somehow found myself up on a ladder at eight months pregnant cutting in around the ceiling to help jump-start him into action. Mr GIDRN, Marc is not. My little memory lane jaunt also led me back into Michele Baby Blog Archives to dig up this little nugget from Feb 15, 2004, entitled "The Nursery is Killin' Me":

Why do you suppose, when I need my sleep the most, I wake up every day between 4:30 and 5:30 a.m. to go to the bathroom and then can't go back to sleep? I've been up since 4:45 and finally just gave up on sleeping again an hour later. It's driving me crazy. I'm going to be so exhausted by the time this kid even gets here!

I'm sure right now it's a stress thing. Her room is just driving us nuts. Two nights ago Marc started hanging the trim molding around the middle of the room to separate the two wall colors, and I went in to see if he needed help and noticed the molding looked "different." I asked ... did you clean out the white paint on the brush from painting the closet before your painted the molding? He said why would he, when he used the same color. Grrr. The walls are off-white and orange, and the trim around the room is stained oak ... why WOULD he paint the molding white?? Chalk it up to miscommunication, I guess. So I found myself repainting all the molding and Marc grumbling about "sorry for trying to help." Dude, I said I'd do it and you said no because I'm pregnant!!

Then yesterday morning I went to Home Depot to pay for the carpet and get the installation time set up, and I just happened to ask, "You guys take care of the baseboard, right?" The lady looked at me like I was nuts. I said that when we ordered the carpet, I asked the guy if we needed to remove the baseboards before installation and he said no, the installers take care of that. This lady said no, you don't need to take them off. I said won't the carpet be too high on it then? She asked what kind of flooring we had, and I told her it's hardwood floors and the baseboard goes to the floor. She said yes, you need to take those off before the installation. Grrr again. She said usually baseboard splits when you take it off, too. Grrr some more. Then she said there's a separate group of guys who come in before the installation to remove the baseboard, for a fee of $2/linear foot (we have 47 linear feet in the room), and then put it back on after the carpet's installed, ASSUMING the baseboard doesn't split, but it almost always does. So I said, then do WE bear the responsibility of replacing the baseboard anyway? Yes. Well then screw the $100, we'll just do it. So last night at 7:30 Marc ran to Home Depot to get a crowbar and spent the next hour taking off all the baseboard ... two of which did indeed split.

And the only time the installers had open this week to put in the carpet is this morning between 7 and 9 a.m. So we didn't even have time to go get replacement molding and get it stained before the carpet came ... it's been nice having that empty room to work in.

And speaking of working ... after Marc took down all the baseboard last night, he put up the remaining molding on the walls and discovered he'd completely overlooked one small (5") section needed by the closet door. So today I have to go buy another foot of the trim, prime it, paint it, and get it ready for Marc to cut to size and put up tonight.

Plus then we have to go buy baseboard, stain it (trying to figure out WHAT stain we need ... guess I'll take a strip of the old stuff with me), get it up ... I want this freaking room to be done now.

Oh, and the carpet guy arrived at 7:15, I showed him to the room, and noticed Marc missed one entire wall of baseboard. He took off the quarter round but not the board. So I had to go get the crowbar and finish the job myself. Why does it feel like I do more finishing than I should? Grrr-freaking-rrr.

He was done by 9:15 and the room looks great ... even though it's missing the baseboard - which the carpet guy said we COULD have left in place, minus the quarter round. Nice. I felt I deserved a little retail therapy after that and went out to a boutique I love and found what I hope will be her coming home outfit. It isn't the most practical thing in the world, and not something I normally would spend so much money on, but it put a huge smile on my face so I knew I had to have it.

Now I guess I sit back and wait for Marc to do the baseboard, then we can get the shelves up and start filing in the room and closet. The fun part is finally just around the corner!

End quote. Thank goodness the room turned out as pretty as it did. I might have gone a bit mental.



I can see why Lisa's blog entry made you grumpy after reading your story. However, all the fruits of your labor are quite stunning. I have never seen orange in a nursery - I love orange! Your nursery is just gorgeous!


Haaa!! I make *lots* of my friends mad with Vic's "do it today" projects. LOL There's a balance, though - he doesn't STOP very often!

Your baby's room is gorgeous. I'm so jealous of that crib set!! Wowza.

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