Atta boy!

Life is good.

It's the simple things, really. Walking to the park. Hearing my kids giggle. Finding something to wear because all the laundry is washed and folded. Hubby offering to take Big Kid to lunch so I can enjoy Little Kid. Naptimes. Playtimes. Alone time with Marc after the kiddos go to bed. Fresh avocados. Clear ice.

Little things that make me happy.




OMGosh that picture is just adorable.

Susan (MC mom)

What a great photo and I also remember the little things! My DH came home on Saturday and that was a big thing. I can't wait to enjoy the little things together again!


OMG. They are ADORABLE! I can see why you are so completely smitten with Harper. Have I mentioned I love that name, BTW? Both your children are beautiful, Michele. And you're so wise to see that it's the little things that are really what the best in life is all about.

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